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Carrie Chan

Teacher of Business Studies and Economics / Head of Wing House

Ms Chan has joined Dulwich International High School Zhuhai from the UK. It has been an amazing experience, teaching in Reading School and Langley Grammar School in the UK for the last three years. Having attended Aberystwyth University for the bachelor’s degree in Economics with Business and eventually completing the PGCE at Durham University. She then went on to pursue her Masters Degree in Economics from Lancaster University in the UK.

Carrie aspires to build a pathway for her students to succeed as open-minded economists and fulfil their potential in their academics, as they prepare for their journey to university. She also aims to inspire students to bring a positive change to the world and having a strong will to influence others by sharing and applying their knowledge and wisdom wholeheartedly.  

In her spare time, she has travelled to many places in the UK and in addition enjoys reading, swimming and singing.

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