Campus Environment

Hengqin Campus

The new campus of  Dulwich International High School Programme Hengqin is situated in Hengqin area. The interior design articulates the latest research into the positive outcomes of inquiry-led learning environments, positioning cross-disciplinary areas of science, art, research, design, and engineering in close proximity. Such environments are proven to encourage students’ development of multi-faceted solutions, they support teamwork and collaboration, whilst offering the opportunity to pursue individual learning and leadership. From our branded SE21 STEAM suite, multi-cuisine dining hall, recording studio, blackbox and auditorium theatres, indoor gymnasium, to science labs, art classrooms, and library – the Hengqin Campus offers it all.

Outdoor areas should be considered part of the learning environment and utilized as much as possible. Recognising that students are increasingly disconnected from the natural world, leading sedentary lifestyles, we believe that students have the fundamental right to learn and relax in a natural environment, as this creates an empathy with nature and also enhances their wellbeing. We recognize that learning outside the classroom brings health and developmental benefits. This approach to building design is showcased by Dulwich’s belief in Biophilic design principles. In architecture, biophilic design is a sustainable design strategy that aims to reconnect people with the natural environment. 

For our Dulwich International High School Programme Hengqin Campus, the application of biophilic design can be summarized as Design with nature in mind in and outNatural outdoor learning environmentBring greenery inside the building, and Views from classrooms to green spaces and natural landscapes. Our commitment to nature is showcased by the roof gardens that highlight our Hengqin Campus. Each floor of the building has direct access to a sky garden, enabling all students and staff to benefit from frequent connections with nature. The courtyard gardens are designed to echo the traditional campus layouts of schools and universities in the UK. Benefitting from Zhuhai’s subtropical climate, the school has planted a variety of seasonal flora, to ensure our campus blooms with verdant natural flowers, leaves, fruits and seeds throughout the year.

Students’ safety and wellbeing are of paramount importance in all Dulwich schools.

The materials used for interior decoration and our furniture are all selected and tested for their environmental quality, to ensure that they exceed national standards and contain very low if not zero trace elements of harmful chemicals that can cause pollution. The areas of carpet are reduced to ensure the floor is easy to clean, disinfect, and to reduce the risk of allergies and irritations that can be caused by carpet mites and dust. Our Campus benefits from an air filtration system that not only conditions the temperature and humidity of the air but also cleans it to ensure that the indoor air quality is as fresh and healthy as possible, even on days when the outdoor air quality is poor. Professional indoor air quality tests will be conducted, strictly following the GB/T18883 standard, to make sure all buildings are safe for students and staff to commence their study and campus activities.

The architectural design of the Hengqin Campus combines aspects of Dulwich College’s historic buildings in London, with expressions of the Southern Chinese Lingnan style. It is a campus with a unique inspirational character: rooted in the culture of Zhuhai and southern China, yet reaching beyond to the leading universities worldwide, reflecting the school’s motto: building bridges to the world. The Hengqin campus is purposed-designed and built to be a sustainable, innovative and sensitive flagship for international schools in the Greater Bay Area. It is not just a campus for the new school year, but a campus for the future.