Co-Curricular Activities

What is CCA?

The Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Program is an important part of the holistic education programme at Dulwich International High School Programme Hengqin, offering opportunities for students to excel in their fields of interests academically and non-academically, while also developing life-long skills. Being an integral part of the journey of a Dulwich Hengqin student, these activities are all organised after academic lesson hours, where English Speaking is at the forefront.

We place equal emphasis on our students' intellectual and personal development, encouraging them to learn from everything they do.

We believe strongly in delivering a holistic education, one offering opportunities for students to excel academically in their fields of interest while also developing skills needed in later life. Our students’ engagement with communities, both inside and outside school, broadens their experience and promotes a sense of social responsibility.

CCAs run across two blocks in the academic year, with each being roughly 12 weeks in duration, breaking into different strands. These strands are designed to both supplement and expand on curriculum delivery, in addition to building skills and accumulate experience outside of examined subjects. The fundamental aims of our CCA program allow students to:

  • Experience learning in non-curricular subjects
  • Develop creative and practical skills through collaboration and research (SE21)
  • Experience service in the community
  • Develop leadership skills through practical opportunities
  • Engage in meaningful competition in academia and sports
  • Actively engage with and promote environmental sustainability projects
  • Take part In the Dulwich Digital Difference journey (the D3 journey)

Students are expected to participate in at least two co-curricular activities per week. Over 40 CCAs are available every week, led by both students and teachers. This allows students to develop their leadership skills and to explore their interests.

Overview of the CCA for SY2023-24

Academic Enrichment 

  • International Chemistry Olympiad
  • Microbit Programming using Python
  • English Corner
  • World Scholar’s Cup
  • Healthy Cooking 
  • LAMDA Public Speaking 
  • Chinese Traditional Culture
  • Chinese Language Support
  • Book Talk
  • Chess masters and Table Sports
  • Jstor Explore
  • Poetry Club
  • Marine Studies
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • TED-Ed Student Talks
  • The DHZH Science Podcast
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Digital Stories

MADD (Music, Art, Dance and Drama)

  • Dulwich Rock Band
  • Songwriting, recording and performing
  • 3D Modelling
  • RSC Shakespeare Festival
  • The School Musical
  • The School Choir
  • Art studio time & Textile workshop
  • School Orchestra
  • Plaster Sculpture Carving
  • Pearl Embroidery

Sports and Leadership

  • Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
  • Table Tennis Team Training 
  • Social Basketball
  • Badminton Club
  • Boys and Girls Football Team Training 
  • Running and Exercise 
  • Student Council and Portfolio
  • Fencing
  • Girls’ Basketball
  • Fitness for health and wellbeing
  • Rowing Club
  • Basketball Shooting Fundamentals
  • Touch Rugby
  • Mah-jong Moments Matter
  • Flag Football

Student-led CCAs

  • British Biology Olympiad
  • Congruence of Technology, Business and Politics
  • E-Major Maths and Science
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Neko Punch Animation Club
  • Fashion Design and History
  • Golf Club
  • Rowing Club
  • Boys and Girls Football Team Training
  • AMC Studio
  • At U Dance
  • Social Basketball
  • Philosophy
  • Year Book
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Novel writing
  • Health UP
  • Community Service
  • Film Studies
  • Skateboarding
  • Worldwise Finance Union
  • Ultimate Football
  • No heat/no bake Cooking Club
  • Aeronautical Engineering & Aircraft Design
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