School Heritage

The Dulwich International High School Programme Hengqin ('DHHQ') has been the first officially  approved Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Programme at the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin. It offers IGCSE and A Level curriculum to students who plan to pursue their studies in Hong Kong, Macau and overseas. DHHQ adheres to the high quality educational philosophy of Dulwich College International ('DCI'). The programme enjoys a holistic educational provision as offered by Dulwich College International within China through EiM, as part of the DCI family. Hengqin Huafa Yung Wing High School, as the Sino partner of the Programme, brings strong support in terms of educational resources, activities and experiences.

Rooted in Zhuhai for over 12 years, Dulwich Hengqin has continually achieved the highest standard of academic results, with a track record of preparing students for attending the leading universities worldwide, including Oxford University, Imperial College London, University of Toronto, University of Hong Kong, Australian National University, Berklee College of Music, and many other world-renowned universities. 

Our Traditions

Dulwich International High School Programme Hengqin has many wonderful traditions, such as the Call of the 90s’ charity performance, Traditional Chinese Cultural Festival, Pink Run and our annual Founder's Day. At the Call of the 90s' charity performance, students organise a wonderful night of entertainment, now in its eleventh year, involving many other schools from Zhuhai. The organisation of the event is soley done with the students from our school, and their leadership skills come to the fore as they plan, prepare and implement the event. Last year the event attracted thousands of audience as the students entertained with their singing, bands, dance and drama performances.

Dulwich International High School Programme Hengqin is proud of our students engagements because we believe that this is a chance not only for us, but for all students in our programme, to show their passion for our local and wider community.

Pastoral Care and our Houses

The system of pastoral care is highly developed at Dulwich International High School Programme Hengqin. Every student is supported by the class teacher or form tutor and the school’s pastoral team. All our students follow a Personal, Social and Health Education course appropriate to their age and coordinated across the year groups.

Our House system is a key component of the College pastoral care structure. We ensure that children are welcomed into the Dulwich community, that we know them well and that they are supported during their time at the College.

Our House system builds a sense of community within the student body and helps to develop students’ leadership skills. Our House Captains are students responsible for helping to organise house activities, which normally take the form of friendly competitions.

Our Houses

On arriving at our school, all students and staff are allocated to one of four Houses, where they remain during their time with us. Our Houses are named after inspirational and accomplished people: Edward Alleyn, Ernest Shackleton, Soong Qingling, and Yung Wing.


Named for Edward Alleyn (1566 – 1626). Actor Edward Alleyn, through his association with Philip Henslowe and Christopher Marlowe, ignited the theatres on London’s Bankside with thrilling and ground-breaking plays. His most important legacy was the founding of Dulwich College, the “School of God’s Gift”, in South London 400 years ago.


Named for Ernest Shackleton (1874 – 1922). Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton was born in Ireland, graduated from Dulwich College and is hailed as one of the greatest explorers of the 20th century. Known for his great leadership and perseverance, Shackleton led a Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1915 that met disaster when his ship, the Endurance, became trapped in the polar ice. Shackleton led his men to shelter and then sailed out in a small open boat (now on display at Dulwich College London) to seek help. He returned and rescued his crew, all of whom survived the ordeal.


Named for Soong Qingling (1893-1981). Soong Qingling held several prominent positions, representing the Chinese Government in her travels abroad in the early 1950s. She demonstrated an unswerving commitment to human rights and the elimination of poverty. She was Honorary President of the All China Women’s Federation and formed the China Welfare Institute, dedicated to the welfare of children. She was named Honorary President of the People’s Republic of China in 1981, making her the first female president of an Asian country.


Named for Yung Wing (1828 – 1912). When Yung Wing, also known as Rong Hong (容闳), graduated from Yale University in 1854, he became the first Chinese student ever to graduate from an American university. Born in Zhuhai, Yung Wing is commonly known as the "forefather of the modernisation of China", and his greatest achievement was to persuade the imperial Qing Court to permit the "Chinese Educational Mission".

Leadership Roles

We encourage students across the years to involve themselves in the wider College community and offer support to one another. Our Student Council is made up of students from each year group who learn to listen and work with one another while voicing the views of their peers. Our most senior students are encouraged to take on additional responsibilities and to act as ambassadors for the programme. Each year, our Head Boy and Head Girl are selected from our most senior students and a select number of students are nominated to take on the role of prefects. Our student leadership team sets a strong example to younger students and act as a point of contact for our students.


School uniform isn't about conformity, but reflects a long-standing tradition from the founding school and is a badge of pride and school identity.