What are Worldwise Events?​

Worldwise Events are hands-on collaborative learning experiences for members of the Dulwich community combining theory and real-world application to foster meaningful, long-lasting connections across our schools and colleges. ​For students, these events allow further understanding of their world and their ability to make an impact while developing socio-emotional competencies and preparing for life beyond school. ​For teachers, these experiences provide unique opportunities to connect, share best practices and learn from each other while developing themselves professionally with world-renowned practitioners and educators.​ And, joining as both audience and active participants, parents and alumni are able to play a core and continuing part of the global Dulwich family.​ For everyone, Worldwise Events are not only thrilling experiences but also expansive and inspiring demonstrations of the talent, dedication and collaborative power within our community.

A rich history​

The Worldwise Events programme was launched more than a decade ago, with the initial goal of providing students at Dulwich College International schools with opportunities to gather, rehearse and perform music. This led to the forming of now-iconic festivals such as the Dulwich Festival of Music, an annual music festival for Senior School students and ISCMS (the International Schools Choral Music Society), one of the biggest and most prestigious annual music festivals for international schools in Asia.​

Since those first years, Worldwise Events have grown both in depth and breadth, adding several new elements to the annual programme such as the beloved MADD (Music, Art, Drama, Dance) Festival that welcomes hundreds of Junior School students from across the schools; the prestigious Shackleton Lectures inviting world renowned adventurers and explorers inspiring our communities; the Student Leadership Conference training senior school student leaders; or the famous Dulwich Olympiad hosted by a different school every 4 years where more than 600 students come together for a week of music, drama, arts, dance and sports activities in world famous locations such as the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Olympic Park. 

Engagement online and offline​

On top of continuing in-person events as much as possible, we have adapted quickly to the pandemic by re-imagining the virtual environment - building on the advantages of virtual to create more impactful, inclusive and diverse events experiences than would be possible in physical spaces. ​

Since 2020, our students have continued to inspire us – publishing a poetry anthology with British slam poet Mark Grist, producing and delivering performances online with the Royal Shakespeare Company, sharing best practice and collaborating with peers during the virtual Student Leadership Conference, live-interviewing record-breaking Australian long-distance cyclist and acclaimed educator Dr Kate Leeming, working with photographer and activist Damian Siqueiros, submitting thousands of amazing images to our annual photography competition and developing exciting new and sustainability-minded art forms in the MADD Festival.​

These events not only helped students to work with and learn from world renowned professionals but also to connect one with another across the schools, build new friendships and rekindle existing ones. ​


Partnerships and collaborations with industry-leading practitioners and educators to enrich learning and enhance experience have always played a key role in the Worldwise Events programme. Several projects are built around them such as the annual Diversity Arts Series where schools can choose from an exciting range of practitioners and professionals to work with; the annual Shakespeare Festival in collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company; the annual Dulwich Festival of Music in collaboration with the Royal Northern College of Music; and many others. ​

Every year we engage with new partners while further developing existing partnerships to expand, finetune and deliver the best educational experiences for our community. 

Experience of the future​

True to our core values we continuously work to elevate Worldwise Events by adopting a pioneering spirit and putting students first in everything we do. ​

As the Dulwich community grows and expands, so does the Worldwise Events programme - building new bridges, creating new experiences, and connecting the Dulwich community in pursuit of our goal to Live Worldwise. 

Explore our events

Diversity Arts Series ​

The annual Diversity Arts Series was launched in 2012, bringing a selection of acclaimed external educational practitioners into our classrooms. Over the years we have worked together and hosted a wide array of professionals from Oscar-nominated Disney animator to world renowned music producers and composers, theatre companies and poets. No matter which artform they represent, each workshop is tailor made and customised for the students’ own needs to ensure the very best learning experience.

Click here to check a selection of our partners.

Dulwich Shakespeare Festival

Confidence, collaboration, creativity – three words to describe the beloved Dulwich Shakespeare Festival that brings together hundreds of students and teachers each year to celebrate Shakespeare and his timeless legacy. The festival welcomes practitioners from the Royal Shakespeare Company as well, who work together with the participants to bring to life the yearly festival theme and Shakespeare's language. Students develop their performance, collaborative and communication skills in a safe yet challenging format while teachers build a community of practice with colleagues across the network and parents experience first-hand the impact of the partnership and celebrate the achievements of their children.

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Dulwich Photo Competition

The annual Dulwich Photo Competition first launched in 2013. Since then, it has grown into one of the most beloved and anticipated Worldwise Events projects with hundreds of participants each year from all over the EiM network as the event is open to all students, teachers, staff members, alumni and parents. The event not only connects our community and enables them to express themselves via an artistic lens but also encourages them to explore and engage with contemporary questions and matters within Global Citizenship and Sustainability focused themes.  To increase the impact of the competition to the wider community, we launched the Dulwich Forest initiative donating for and supporting a reforestation project that provides job opportunities for local residents in China’s Hunan province. As a result, we have already planted over 8000 tea trees.

See more information on the competition’s official website which has been created and is being maintained by an alumni from Dulwich International High School Suzhou.

Professional Development

The annual Professional Development course with RSC Learning invites English and Drama teachers across the network for a three-day workshop with the aim to help them deepening of existing practice through rehearsal room approaches with a shared learning environment to enhance communication across the network. The courses are each year personalised to the needs and requirements of the teachers providing a truly bespoke experience. In addition, participants of the PD are also eligible to undertake the prestigious RSC Teacher Certificate course. 

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Student Leadership Conference

The annual Student Leadership Conference brings students together from across the network for an immersive educational experience that focuses on real-life leadership skills and projects. This unique 3-day event not only enables students to connect with one another and learn from each other but also equips them with relevant leadership skills, techniques and knowledge that they can bring back and implement at their respective schools. Through a range of thought-provoking workshops co-facilitated by internal and external educators, students are presented with various real-life scenarios and questions to solve collaboratively. The event in January then continues throughout the rest of the academic year with monthly sessions and workshops enabling students to further embed into practice what they have learned. The Student Leadership Conference is a true highlight of the year for all participants and a core part of their student journey.

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Dulwich Olympiad

The Dulwich Olympiad is a truly unique network-wide event celebrating our students and communities across the family of schools through a series of Sport, Drama, Music and Art activities. Its aim is not only to have the students challenge each other but also to give them the opportunity to meet their peers, often for the first time, learn about other cultures and the other schools in the network and to create new friendships across borders. The first Dulwich Olympiad held in 2015 was hosted by Dulwich College in Beijing with famous locations such as the Olympic Stadium while the second Olympiad hosted by Dulwich College in 2019 took place in London including some of the most iconic venues in the city like the Olympic Park and Aquaticum or the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

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MADD Festival

Since the very first Music, Art, Drama, Dance festival hosted by Dulwich College (Singapore) in 2015, this yearly junior school event has become one of the most anticipated ones amongst our students - to no surprise. MADD festival is synonymous with incredible energy and creativity, fun and camaraderie as hundreds of students and teachers come together for a 3-day-long celebration of art, collaboration and friendship that culminates in amazing student performances and art works. The festival invites acclaimed professionals from various art fields who work together with the students on their creative projects under a specific theme each year such as The Continuum of Space or The Lifecycle of a Garment.

Explore more about previous MADD festivals here.


Founded by Dulwich College Beijing, the first International Schools Choral Music Society Festival took place in Beijing in 2008, with a 120 students from 10 international schools in Asia. Since then, ISCMS has grown into one of the most well-known and prestigious music festivals in the region, attracting more than 450 students and teachers from over 20 international schools each academic year. ISCMS aims to create opportunities for students to study and perform choral and orchestral music with internationally renowned practitioners in world class venues. As such, the ISCMS Festivals welcome a diverse range of musicians who work together with the students and teachers in intense workshops throughout the 3-day festival, culminating in a stellar music performance in a professional concert hall. In addition to this, the festival hosts the famous Karl Jenkins Composition Award that invites the contenders to combine cultures with diverse customs and history to develop a collaboration of music from around the world. 

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Shackleton Lectures

The Shackleton Lectures commemorate the pioneering spirit of Dulwich College Alumnus Sir Ernest Shackleton, a world-renowned Antarctic explorer. The Shackleton Lectures are one of the highest profile events in the schools’ calendars, bringing fascinating people to share their stories with students, teachers and the wider community. The Lectures reinforce the values of leadership, determination and courage and put a great emphasis on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Global Citizenship.

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Digital Art Competition

International Women's Day recognises the invaluable contributions of women to society and advocating for gender equality worldwide. In honour of International Women’s Day, our annual Digital Art Competition invites students across our schools to design and share their digital art to commemorate women's achievements in society, helping to inspire creativity and spark dialogue.

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Dulwich Festival of Music

Musicianship, professionalism and fun – three keywords to describe Dulwich Festival of Music, a fantastic long-standing student-centered event. Each year, DFM welcomes hundreds of senior school students from the network for a 3-day festival that celebrates the passion and joy of music. Participants undergo three days of intense rehearsals led by our teachers and music professionals from world-famous music institutions such as the Royal Northern College of Music, all of which concludes in a stellar gala concert featuring extraordinary choir, big band, rock band and orchestra performances. In addition to this, DFM hosts the annual Dulwich Musician of the Year competition allowing some of the most talented young musicians from across the schools to compete for the coveted Dulwich College International Musician of the Year Award. DFM is truly a core event for any music-loving student in the network.

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Eco-Explorer Camp

Founded by Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi in 2017, the annual Eco-Explorer Camp has grown into one of the most anticipated sustainability events across the schools that skillfully merges camping and student learning. Joined by hundreds of junior school students from the network, the Eco-Explorer Camp aims to bring an immersive experience with nature to its participants through inspiring, hands-on workshops (such as nature photography, organic planting and farming, rain harvesting or recycled art) facilitated by our teachers and industry professionals and experts.

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Vienna Boys Choir Tour

The Vienna Boys Choir is one of the oldest and most famous musical establishments in the world, a school which provides an unrivalled musical education to its students from all over the world and employs the finest musicians and choir directors. Dulwich College International has more than a decade-long partnership with the Choir that includes a yearly summer-trip to Vienna with a group of students. This unique opportunity allows participating students to immerse in music, culture and history, and to sing alongside one of the most famous children’s choirs in the world. They undertake an intensive programme of choral singing, solo vocal instruction and composition, combined with cultural and leisure activities set in the idyllic surroundings of the Pielach Valley as part of the “Wirth Music Academy: in the foothills of the Austrian alps”. They also get to experience singing a major choral work with a world class orchestra in the awe-inspiring surroundings of St Steven’s Cathedral as part of the “Sing Mit” choral festival. 

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High School Team Maths

Founded by Dulwich International High School Suzhou, the yearly High School Team Maths competition has become a beloved yearly event for all of those who would like to challenge themselves with some of the brightest students in the region. HSTM, as we call it, is a wonderful educational experience that’s full of excitement, collaboration and fun, allowing participants to see the world around them through a mathematical lens.

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Dulwich Primary Games

Promoting a healthy competition, sportsmanship and collaboration, the yearly Dulwich Primary Games is a favorite event for junior school sport enthusiasts. Welcoming more than 500 young athletes from across the schools and colleges, it is a professional, high-octane sports festival that puts the focus on good sportsmanship and caters to all abilities thus creating a positive sports environment for all participants.

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Royal Shakespeare Company Residency

The Artist Residency programme with the Royal Shakespeare Company puts student learning and experience at the core of its mission while supporting teachers with specific interventions based around their curriculum. A week-long customised residency with a dedicated RSC Learning practitioner provides students with active enrichment opportunities based around rehearsal room approaches that deepen an understanding of the text being studied and develop a lifelong ownership of complex language. The programme can include a wide array of workshops introducing plays, character analysis, storytelling and directing and acting skills. 

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