The ability to communicate effectively in English is probably the single most important criterion for becoming a successful student in the UK or the US. At Dulwich International High School Programme Hengqin, our primary teaching language is English, and students are required to speak English in the classrooms and corridors throughout the school day.

Our academic programme is adapted to help build students’ confidence and fluency in the language and is supported by an English cultural programme.

Beyond the academic study of English, Dulwich International High School Zhuhai also encourages students to develop their skills in communication. The skills of debating, presenting, public speaking and group collaboration are highly valued in Western universities, particularly so in the US, and these skills help students to become confident public speakers in English.

Our school also provides preparation for SAT, TOEFL and IELTS examinations.


"Passing the entrance test of Royal College of Music is not easy at all; but my daughter's four years at Dulwich and her own family environment have brought her outstanding English ability. As a result, she passed both papers, which finally led her to the interview."

——Ms Ye, mother of Betty, Class of 2016

English: The stepping stones to Live Worldwise

English Course at DHHQ image
English Course at DHHQ
English Course at DHHQ image
English Course at DHHQ

Students often say that studying English is about improving their vocabulary to be able to communicate in all their subjects of study, as well as.....