Llewellyn Purdon photo

Llewellyn Purdon

Teacher of Business Studies and Economics

Mr Purdon has worked in many industry roles outside of education as well within education. He has started his career as a financial advisor for approximately 2 years, after which he took the position as production and quality Assistant Manager at a medium-sized engineering firm to gain a better understanding of production in the real world, after graduating he took to sales until finding his calling to teach in China.

Since being in China Mr Purdon has taught across multiple ages, language abilities and subjects, and come to find that he enjoys his role here at Dulwich International High School Zhuhai as the teacher of Economics the most.

Mr Purdon has a BSc degree from Monash University majoring in Economics and is currently working towards completing his MBA.

He loves being outdoors and partaking in problem solving activities that focus on minimizing the use on unnecessary resources.

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