Marie Liang photo

Marie Liang

Head of Chinese

Ms Liang joined Dulwich International High School Zhuhai in August 2013 and is the Head of Chinese department.

Ms. Liang holds both the National High School Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate and the International Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate. She has more than 20 years’ teaching experience to international students working in Shenzhen University, Zhuhai International School, and Dulwich Zhuhai, which is including educational programs of A-level and IB in several subjects, such as Chinese as Native, Second and Foreign language, English, Community Service, Interdisciplinary Inquiry, Intercultural Communication, Chinese Civilization, and International Chinese teaching training.

Ms Liang is committed to promote Chinese excellent traditional culture under the background of internationalization. She was awarded as the "Most Beautiful Teacher" by Huafa Education in 2020.

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