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Sophie Zhu

Deputy Director / Chinese Principal

Sophie joined Dulwich International High School in August 2023, as the Deputy Director (Administration and Liaison) and Chinese Principal. 

Sophie Zhu has been working in international education for 17 years. She holds a Master Degree of Business Administration and has been a subject teacher of IGCSE, A-level and IBDP Business Studies and Business Management. Before DHZH, she has worked at several international schools, including Suzhou High School Cambridge Program Centre (1st Alevel program in Suzhou), Dulwich International High School Suzhou (7 years), and an IB world school (overseeing MYP and DP program implementation), and has served many years as a SLT member and school deputy principal.  At DHZH, with her extensive experience in international school governing, Sophie will work with the director for program implementation, with particular focus on Regulatory Compliance, Government and Partners Relations, Administration Supervision, AMC (admissions, marketing, and communications), university and career counselling, Alumni relation, and Friends of Dulwich.

For education, Ms. Zhu always adheres to the principle of Students Come First. She said “As educators, we need to ensure that each student is known, cared for, and offered opportunities to find passion, allowing them to grow and thrive in their personalized pathways. As educators, we play the role of facilitators, guiding and supporting students to achieve their best potential through developing personal attributes, approaches to learning  whilst fostering international-mindedness and a shared understanding and responsibilities to  society.”

She is a life-long learner and a risk-taker who enjoys exploring new adventures, and loves reading, cooking, and watching movies in her spare time. She used to be a gymnast in childhood, now she does Pilates on a weekly basis.  During holidays, her family of three always travel, with their dog, to explore the world. 

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