Annie Blevins photo

Annie Blevins

Teacher of English / Head of Shackleton House / House Coordinator

An alumna of the University of Nottingham, Annie holds a Master's Degree in Education along with the PGCE(i) qualification. In 2017, Annie embarked on a journey to Thailand, where she engaged in teaching local students while simultaneously pursuing her CELTA teaching qualification accredited by the University of Cambridge. Benefiting from her substantial tenure, she has effectively guided a wide spectrum of students, originating from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. Her proficiency spans across courses that encompass IGCSE First Language English, English as a Second Language and IELTS.

Inspired by many talents she has come across, Annie is also a professional dancer, who is a trained, qualified Zumba international instructor. Prior to her time in Zhuhai, she had the privilege of gracing various stages for years, including noteworthy events like the Guangdong TV Spring Festival Gala. During her leisure moments, you might find Annie dedicating time to fitness routines.

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