Arielle Du photo

Arielle Du

Pastoral Support Officer - Year 10

Ms Du joined Dulwich international High School Zhuhai as the Pastoral Support Officer of Year 10 in August 2023.

Ms Du graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Studies.  She also got a certificate from the University of California, Los Angeles. Ms. Du has been in the United States for eight years. She was in the state of Hawaii for two years, also spent some years later in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Irvine. She has various experiences and likes to explore different fields of study, in where she found passion to achieve higher goals in life. She is excitied about the journey with Dulwich Zhuhai.

With a passion for school education, Ms Du believes she can have a greater impact on every student.

She loves music, film, and beaches. She is also a Lego lover.

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