Dereck Otieno photo

Dereck Otieno

Teacher of Chemistry

Mr Otieno joined Dulwich International High School Zhuhai as a Chemistry teacher in August 2020. Mr. Otieno has over 10 years’ experience in teaching of IGCSE, IBDP and A Level Chemistry in international schools in Africa, Middle East, and China.

Before Joining Dulwich, Dereck had been teaching IGCSE and IBDP Chemistry in the Middle East before joining an international school in Ningbo where he was teaching IGCSE, and A Level Chemistry and he was also the head of chemistry department.

Dereck graduated with a Bachelor of Education Science (Mathematics and Chemistry) Degree from Kenyatta University, and he is continuing his studies in Comparative and International Studies.

In his free time Dereck enjoys playing soccer and he is highly talented in the field. He is excited by the fact that he was among the first academic team in Dulwich Zhuhai that came to the Hengqin Campus, and he is looking forward to having a positive impact to the Dulwich students both in class and in the field.

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