Science Fair at Dulwich Zhuhai was held successfully on 17 November. The Year 12 scientists from Four Houses presented their projects to students and parents. The topics of this Science Fair were chosen from among the 17 UN goals, which are:

7 Affordable and Clean Energy

9 Industry, Innovation and infrastructure

13 Climate Action

It's a collaboration between Y12 scientists from three subjects: biology, chemistry, and physics.  There are no restrictions regarding research subjects and approaches. The Science Fair is designed to be student-driven, with minimal guidance from teachers.  

Mr Little
I am very pleased with the final product delivered by the students. They collaborated and self-directed their research and then transformed this researched information into a visually appealing display. They also stepped out of their comfort zone to present in English to the audience. In short, the Science Fair was a great display of inter disciplinary abilities and skills from the Science, Art and English departments.
- Mr Little, Head of Science
Cathy L
Our topic includes both tidal energy and wave energy. We chose this topic between coastal energy and wind energy, while we live in a coastal city. Participating in this activity has provided us with valuable insights into the physics behind tidal and wave energy, as well as a heightened awareness of the importance of environmental protection.
- Cathy L, Student

After the assessment on criteria related to Art, English, and judging according to the Cambridge Upper Secondary Science Competition, the winner of the Science Fair goes to Alleyn House!