5th Dulwich College International university tour

At Dulwich College International, our commitment goes beyond delivering a holistic student experience. We want to enable student success in the pursuit of one of life’s major stepping stones — the journey toward an undergraduate university degree. 

We believe in supporting our students at an early stage so as to embrace the student’s voice and encouraging them onto a life of independence. 

The Dulwich College International Student Success Plan is initiated in Year 7; discovering student motivation, inspiration, passion, and intrinsic purpose and drive are at the heart and soul of the matter. The plan is supported by faculty, staff, and university counsellors through to graduation. 

We take great pride in guiding the individual student and investing in the time and process it takes identifying the best possible fit when our students are tasked with selecting the best option among the many university options they should have. 

On our 5th Dulwich College International University Tour to the USA, spearheaded by Headmasters, counsellors, and Dulwich College International strategic planners, we further deepened our understanding of current undergraduate university options, core curricula, academic pioneering, and research opportunities unfolding today that will surely make tomorrow’s options for our students even more enticing.

During this tour, the group visited Barnard College, Bryn Mawr College, Columbia University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Haverford University, Johns Hopkins University, Maryland Institute College of Art, Villanova University, Rutgers University, Trinity College, University of Pennsylvania and well as Yale.

The future journey beyond Dulwich College International is being crafted today inside our schools. We are taking our students’ entire journey seriously and we help them to prepare for a future that is indefinable with a curriculum designed to encourage new ideas, collaborative learning and a pioneering spirit. At Dulwich College International, we prepare our students to Graduate Worldwise.