Dulwich Zhuhai launched its Global Citizenship Competencies last year. The five pillars included reflect the direction in which Dulwich Zhuhai aims to develop its students. It also connects to the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), guiding students to be empathetic, contributing, and collaborative, with a mindfulness of their community and the world.

Under the Global Citizenships Competencies, Dulwich Zhuhai has organised a series of educational outreach and activities since last year with the themes of Sustainable Development, Diversity-Equity-Inclusion, Community Service, and so on.

Let's take a look back at last year's highlights!

International Women’s Day: A Thank You Letter to the Women Who Inspired Me

Messages full of gratitude present the support by the power of women whenever students were going through hesitation, sadness, or joy.

No Carbon November: Recreation from the Recycling

Students from four Houses worked in groups to build the House Logo from the recycled materials collected during the month, demonstrating their artistic creativity and understanding of recycling.

Founder’s Day : Live Sustainably, Live Worldwise

Live Sustainably, Live Worldwise, as the theme of last year's Founder's Day, the green elements permeated everywhere in the School, making the whole event "green"!

In September 2023, Professor Karen Tagulao of St. Joseph's University of Macau was invited to share her research findings on mangroves, coastal water pollution, and climate adaptation with students on our Sustainability Day. Also, the Student Council gave a presentation on the theme of diversity and inclusion. Given that we live in the seaside city, Zhuhai, and based on the framework of Global Citizenship Competencies, how much do students know about the relationship between the ocean, climate, and sustainability?

Professor Karen Tagulao brought her research and informative results to the Biology class of  Y13 and the Geography class of Y12. Students learned that people's positive actions can effectively combat climate change. Every citizen can do their part to make the world a better place.

Alex Tull
"All of us are global citizens and have a responsibility our actions on the environment. We learn so much content in the classroom and easily forgot how relevant it is to our lives outside of school. We believe our students must understand their impact on the world and become a force of meaningful change for our community. "
- Alex Tull, Global Citizenship Lead
Joseph Bishop
"Karen talked about the great biodiversity of the wetlands and mangroves of Macau and Hengqin. The students were engaged, asked questions and gained a great deal from the experience. "
- Joseph Bishop, Biology Lead Teacher

Isabella L (Y13) and Sonia S (Y11) took the topic of “Period Shaming” and traced it back to the root cause, and then to the issue of menstrual poverty. Students can use this topic as an opportunity to understand gender differences, and to appreciate the diversity of society.

"What makes me feel the most meaningful is that some female students approached me after the presentation. They said that they would try to eliminate the shame of menstruation and pads themselves, then help more girls to do so. With this talk, I hope to raise awareness of the fact that women in other parts of the world still deal with similar challenges. Students at Dulwich Zhuhai can also use this platform to share ideas in addition to their academic work." —— Isabella L, Student

"We hope that this presentation will encourage girls who have felt shame. And it can also increase the awareness of the phenomenonof menstrual poverty. When you mention it, please don't be bothered and think about another word to cover it up. Also, there's no need to be ashamed of putting out the sanitary pads." —— Sonia S, Student

We believe that teaching in the classroom combined with students' independent study fosters their development of global citizenship.