The first 24 hours of the new academic year

As the summer is about to end, the 2022-23 academic year officially commences. Dulwich Zhuhai has conducted a series of activities to welcome all students back to campus from the summer break, preparing them to resume school life.

The beginning of the new school year was filled with rounds of applauses from the new student welcome ceremony, as well as cheering and laughter from the ice-breaking activities. Let us review the exciting 24 hours again!

“Starting from today, 

I am proudly a Dulwich student.”

On August 16, Year 10 students officially put on their school uniform for the first time and participated the Welcome Ceremony with their parents on campus.

1 Year 10 Welcome Ceremony

Welcome to the Dulwich Zhuhai Family! Your new journey of international and holistic education officially commences.

The Dulwich crest on your uniform represents not only the 400 years of excellence of our founding school, Dulwich College London, but also the pioneering spirit and future success of a Dulwich student. 


We wish you good luck in the coming four years with Dulwich Zhuhai, and become global citizens of confidence, resilience and integrity, making positive impact in your best-fit fields.  

“Decode” new spaces and new neighbors

Year 10 students were led to the classrooms of their form classes by their tutors, where their lockers locate as well. It is an important step for them to get used to the learning module of having lessons in different designated classrooms, which could also be considered a warm-up for their future university life.


Boarding students of all Year Groups returned in the late afternoon, preparing for another year of dormitory life. New students have made friends with their roommates and are all excited to start a new life together.


“I’m from Heilongjiang and I like fencing. What about you?”

In the morning of our first school day, there are no formal teaching and learning activities. However, please don’t take this in a wrong way.

Following a whole-school assembly, was a few ice-breaking activities designed by the Heads of Year and Form Tutors, helping students refresh their friendship with each other, as well as be acquaintance with teachers again.


Moreover, several team competitions for the Year 10 cohort were organised by the PE Department, with regular training equipment and materials such as basketballs and Yoga mats. New students have started to develop their team spirit and collaborative skills, while getting to know their classmates more and having fun.  


We are all set for supporting our students in every expect in the course of the new academic year. Good luck to all!