Alumni Return to Share Success Strategies

Alumni Return to Give Talks, Sharing Tips and Strategies for Success

At Dulwich International High School Zhuhai we always welcome returning students who wish to share their valuable experiences gained at international universities. They deliver talks to the current students about the trials and challenges they faced, not only in the universities but also from the life changes they tackled when living in a foreign country. 

This month we were fortunate to have two alumnii return and share their tips and pointers for life in a foreign university --  Ryan, who is now studying business in the United States, and Rosen, who went to Canada to study management.

Both alumni returned and shared their experiences in well attended talks to our keen students. The talks were a valuable reminder about the challenges the students will face when they get their wish of going to a top international university.  Topics included not only academic challenges, but also the politics, prejudices and cultural differences that some may find difficult at an international university. 

The talks also focused on the wonderful opportunities and experiences that diligent students will enjoy when attending an international university. Rosen stressed that Dulwich nternational High School Zhuhai had prepared him for the university life, highlighting the importance of Dulwich and the English he learnt in his years at the school. 

“I spend my four years here listening to all my teachers telling me that English would be the biggest challenge in university," he said. "But I didn’t find that, and the major reasons  is that I took advantage of the environment I had here. … Dulwich will well prepare you for university.”  

-- by Richard W