"Future will be full of opportunities and challenges, but I am confident that I can seize each one and continue to push myself.”
—— Devon Wang

Devon Wang
DHZH Class of  2022
Undergraduate from University of California (Berkeley)

Devon Wang received offers to several prestigious universities as one of the 2021-2022 school year graduates, including UC Berkeley and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). In the end, he decided to dive into the universe's countless scientific mysteries.

Explore the Sea of Art

After receiving a solid foundation in woodblock printing and sketching in elementary school, he was exposed to ceramic sculpture and other artistic mediums at Dulwich Zhuhai. "Looking around the world, the art course in Dulwich Zhuhai is ahead of its time," stated Devon.

weixin-image-20240509143507 Photo with his first teacher in woodblock printing

While studying in Dulwich Zhuhai, Devon traveled to Dulwich College in London to compete in the Dulwich Olympia competition.  He painted a creative landscape in acrylic using a straw. The work was displaced at the end exhibition of the camp and impressed both his teacher and classmates.

Devon created a "Planet Pastry" illustration series as part of his application to the Rhode Island School of Design. He combined the eight planets of the solar system with various types of baked pastries in an imaginative way. That helped him successfully get the offer from Rhode Island School of Design.

Unlock the Window of Physics' World

The dynamic and engaging physics lesson gradually sparked Devon's interest. He was introduced to the TV series "Chernobyl" by his physics tutor. Devon was profoundly struck by the influence of the physical sciences on the world.


During his senior year of high school, Devon interned at the Zhuhai Weather Station and learned a lot about fluid dynamics and atmospheric science. The experience provided him with a new perspective on the application of physics.

In his final year at Dulwich Zhuhai, Devon took part in the British Physics Olympiad and won the Super Gold prize. Ranking in the top 2% of the competition made him truly stand out among the participants.

"Taking objective facts as the only standard and constantly overturning and reconstructing, this characteristic of physics has also sharpened my perseverance." Physics made him care more about what is happening in the world, which is the grounding that Dulwich Zhuhai has brought to him.

During the years, Devon has met mentors and learnt valuable skills and knowledge at Dulwich Zhuhai. "The most important thing should be that I have been doing what I want to do," said Devon Wang.