New CCA Options Launched for the New Term


The annual Co-curricular Activity Fair (CCA Fair) of Dulwich International High School Zhuhai successfully took place. It is one of the major school events at Dulwich Zhuhai where both students and staff get together to explore their own interests at various activity options.

All the students have received a digital guide with introduction of all the CCAs before the fair, and had the opportunity to consult about the details at the event before making up their mind for registration. They also had a chance to experience some of the activities in person. 

"The CCA fair was a great way to gather everyone together from all different years and to show off the wide range of activities we offer here at Dulwich Zhuhai. The different stalls on display from both teachers and students were really impressive!"


Safia B

Y13 student and student leader of the French Club

New campus, new offerings. The school has developed sound relationship with several external activity providers in the neighborhood, introducing new CCA options with fun and professional experience.

Among the 40+ activities for Block 1, Equestrian, Rowing, AMC Studio (Aerial Movies and Creative studio) and Chess and Table Sports were the most popular activities that student took part in on the day.

Overview of the CCAs for Block 1,

2021-2022 school year

Academic Enrichment 

  • International Chemistry Olympiad
  • Biology Club
  • English Corner
  • Model United Nations (MUN)
  • World Scholar’s Cup
  • Healthy Cooking 
  • Art studio time & portfolio support 
  • Python Programming
  • French
  • LAMDA Public Speaking 
  • Chinese Traditional Culture

MADD (Music, Art, Dance and Drama)

  • Dulwich Rock Band
  • Songwriting, recording and performing
  • Zumba
  • The School Choir
  • The School Orchestra
  • Drama

Sports and Leadership

  • Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
  • Table Tennis Team Training 
  • Badminton Club
  • Basketball, Football and Volleyball Team Training 
  • Chess masters and Table Sports
  • Running and Exercise 
  • Yoga
  • Fitness for health and wellbeing
  • Rowing (partnered with external provider)
  • Golf (partnered with external provider)
  • Equestrian (partnered with external provider)
  • Student leadership development program

Student-led CCAs

  • Happy Biochemistry Lab
  • AMC Studio
  • Dubbing Club
  • Introduction of Psychology
  • Frisbee
  • Neko Punch Animation Club
  • Fashion and Design History
  • @U Dance Club
  • Netball
  • Art and Design
  • Social World
  • Performance and Film
  • Economics and Finance
  • Project Mo-fish

What is CCA?

The Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Program is an important part of the holistic education programme at Dulwich Zhuhai, offering opportunities for students to excel in their fields of interests academically and non-academically, while also developing life-long skills. Being an integral part of the journey of a Dulwich Zhuhai student, these activities are all organised after academic lesson hours, where English Speaking is at the forefront.


CCAs run across two blocks in the academic year, with each being roughly 12 weeks in duration, breaking into different strands. These strands are designed to both supplement and expand on curriculum delivery, in addition to building skills and accumulate experience outside of examined subjects. The fundamental aims of our CCA program allow students to:

  • Experience learning in non-curricular subjects
  • Develop creative and practical skills through collaboration and research (SE21)
  • Experience service in the community
  • Develop leadership skills through practical opportunities
  • Engage in meaningful competition in academia and sports
  • Actively engage with and promote environmental sustainability projects
  • Take part In the Dulwich Digital Difference journey (the D3 journey)

Every student will participate in a minimum of two CCAs, from two of our three strands. All students must take part in at least one Academic or M.A.D.D (Music, Arts, Dance and Drama) and one Sports CCA. This would mean that students can have the freedom to:

  • Develop true practical experiences of the different academic subjects.
  • Develop mental and physical growth as well as character building through sports.
  • Have a chance to socialise with other students from different age groups.
  • Develop their leadership skills by leading others.

These are all important life-skills that the students will develop before leaving Dulwich Zhuhai for universities around the world.

Mr Ringo Wu
I hope that students will make the most of the CCAs, develop their interests and advantage that can support them to a further stage in their future. Also, I would like to encourage students to proactively engage with schoolmates from different year groups, accumulating leadership, teamwork and communication skills in their pathway to graduate worldwise.
- Mr Ringo Wu, Director of Sports

CCA and your university application

There is another reason why we encourage students to sign up for as many CCA activities as they can – university application.

Many prestigious universities would look beyond academic results for applicants. And very often these successful applicants tend to have the skills developed outside the classroom, being outstanding and competitive in the application process:

  • decision making
  • creativity
  • critical thinking
  • interpersonal communication skills
Ms Jolan Zhou
We firmly believe that the CCA programme is a vital component of the student experience, as it not only serves to complement and extend learning from the classroom, but it also helps students gain valuable leadership and interpersonal skills, and in this way building out their CV for university applications. It is often through the CCA programme that students discover life-long interests, as well as make new friends, stretch boundaries and be exposed to new challenges and experiences.
- Ms Jolan Zhou, Head of University Counselling