Collaborative Art Workshop at DHZH


On October 22, a collaborative art workshop took place at the school gymnasium where students from all year groups spent a lovely one hour together. Hosted by Ms. Jennifer Chung, the Group Education Director of Creative Arts, the workshop was the first whole-school art event at the Hengqin new campus. 

Students were divided into small groups with their Houses. Every eight of them sat back-to-back and drew on small canvases with the pigments of their House colours. Each student started their own art piece for three minutes, and passed it down to the student next to them clockwise for more elements. 



Face, hair style, eyebrows, lips, accessories, emotion expression, background…everyone had to follow certain drawing orders to collaborate with the other seven group members, in order to complete eight portraits within the group. When receiving the canvas from others, it felt like unboxing a surprise delivery, at the same time, being inspired with a refreshing idea. 



“It’s all about collaboration, not just art but sciences, engineering etc. It is our purpose of organizing more workshops like this one to encourage the development of transferable skills, to show how creative things would help when students learn together. Sometimes we need to step outside the box and look at the problem differently from a different angle and a different lens.”

- Jennifer Chung, Group Education Director of Creative Arts



Artwork of Shackleton House


Artwork of Soong House


Artwork of Wing House


Artwork of Alleyn House

Charlotte C.
It was a very good opportunity to break the gaps between different year groups. The final artworks with a lot of collaborative pieces performed over the workshop were wonderful. When all the single canvas were put together, showing the different colours and tones, and all the creative things, it actually represented our Houses and teamwork well.
- Charlotte C., 11D
Jason L.
We had a lot of discussions about all the art pieces we have created together by exploring different possibilities and combination. It was really an interesting experience and reminded me of the new campus photography competition that took place recently. I feel that we will have more opportunities to interact with art in Dulwich Zhuhai.
- Jason L., 13W


It was a brilliant practice in art that incorporated creativity, independent thinking and team collaboration. All the art pieces are fantastic and it was a demonstration of the holistic and inspiring learning that is happening here at Dulwich Zhuhai. We look forward to more engaging art activities in the future.