Nathan X- Admitted into McGill University


Nathan X is a Year 13 student at Dulwich International High School Zhuhai. He has already received conditional offers from Imperial College London, University College London, The University of Edinburgh, The University of Manchester, The University of Sheffield and offer from McGill University, which it's his favourite. 


Nathan is a very logical and critical thinker. He is clear about his future direction and has made plans to achieve his targets from the beginning of high school life. By working efficiently, he is able to get the estimate score A*A*AA in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths for his dream university application with the major in Materials Science and Engineering or Chemical Engineering. In the eyes of Nathan’s schoolmates, they see him as an academic prodigy who can achieve high. Nathan’s teachers also remark him as “knowing the right way to get what he wants”.  




1. What’s your favourite subject?

My favourite subject is Physics.  I remember once in a physics class, the whole class was sent to the playground to simulate an abstract physical phenomenon. It was very impressive and interesting, which also made me interested in Physics for the first time. 


2.What is your favourite university and why? 

I like McGill University best for the following reasons:

• McGill University provides a very high-quality undergraduate education and is also well known in academic field;

• It is located in the French-speaking region of Quebec. Living there could help me learn French better;

•  There is a smaller number of Chinese students in McGill University. Therefore, I can challenge myself to adapt into the local life;

• As I was born and grew up in Southern area of China, I always wish to live in a place with a white winter;

• If I study the major material engineering there, McGill University allows us to exchange credits with the high school A Level scores.  Therefore, I can finish my undergraduate study in 3 years instead of the original 4 years.  What’s more, McGill University also provides students studying for more than 2 years with part-time job opportunities.  

• McGill University is a public university with canteens, which makes dining easier for us. 


3.What are your favourite CCA and most impressive activity/competition?

My favourite CCA is International Chess Club.  My most impressive competition was the business competition I attended in my Year 10. The winning team’s performance made me realize that there are always loopholes in the rules and we should learn to make use of those.  And the activity that impressed me most is the time when we visited the cataract patients in Zhaoqin, Guangdong as one of the“ Call of the 90s” project’s community events. I realized our health is very important and we should pay attention and stay healthy. 


4.How does DHZH prepare you for life and study in foreign university?

• The English course at DHZH encourages us to do a lot of reading, which helps us make great improvements in learning English, build a solid foundation for studying abroad;

• There are many chemistry experiments provided. We are required to do experiments in 1/3 of the courses this year and we will finish all the experiments required by the curriculum. In this way, we have relevant experience when we do experiments in the university;

• At DHZH, teachers provide us with private space and respect, which help us build responsibility to our own conducts and push us to practice time management skill and self-discipline; 

• There are a wide range of sports provided in the Physical Education course. Besides traditional sports, our teacher also teaches sports such as rugby, baseball, frisbee. In this way, we have better chance to join a sport team in an international university. 


5.What advice do you have for the junior students at DHZH?

• With study being important, the pressure becomes more and more intense. It’s better for the Year 10 and 11 students to take part in more activities when they finish their study;

• Choosing a best fit university instead of a “best one” in ranking. Sometimes a goal set too high will make people break down;

• If you have any question in study, ask your teachers and classmates right away; 

• You will meet many interesting teachers at DHZH. Seize the opportunity to communicate with them more often;

• Students are close and helpful to each other here. Cherish the time your share with your schoolmates.