Experience the Beauty of Chinese Culture at DHZH

The Chinese culture is extensive and profound,

The Chinese civilization remains vigorous throughout the history.

At Dulwich International High School Zhuhai, teachers introduce students to the beauty of traditional Chinese culture from different perspectives through language and literatures as well as a wide range of co-curricular activities.

In IGCSE Chinese as the first language, students will enhance their literacy, cultivate empathy and deepen understanding to the society by reading literature such as poetry, novels, plays and prose. They will also learn how to express their views appropriately with confidence by using a variety of practical literature schemes. In IGCSE Chinese as a second language and as a foreign language, teachers will focus on cultivating students' abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and to better understand Chinese culture and customs.

At A-Level, students will be expected to read and analyze a wide range of modern literary classics such as poetry, fiction, drama and prose, as well as exploring themes of the time, such as economic development, equality of opportunity and the preservation of cultural heritage to deepen their understanding of human society, cultivate empathy and independent thinking.

The Chinese civilization curriculum has refined and sorted out excellent Chinese classics to guide students further understanding of the traditional culture, the success or failure in the process of Chinese civilization, as well as its importance in the World History. 

Over the past five years, over 80% of our students have achieved excellent A*-A in Chinese at IGCSE.  Last year, 100% students achieved A*-A at IGSCE Chinese as a second language, all achieved A* in IGSCE Chinese as a foreign language. All students achieved A*-A in A-Level Chinese, while 90% achieving an A*.

Experience the traditions in seasonal activities

Traditional Chinese culture pays much attention to the four seasons and phenology. Every year, the Chinese Department will organise a variety of traditional cultural events for students, for instance, making moon cakes, learning Tai Chi, or practicing calligraphy.

The Chinese Traditional Culture Festival, held on the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year, is one of the school's most important annual festivals. On that day, school staff, students and parents will gather at the campus all dressed in traditional Chinese costumes to experience the vibe of the festival in a series of activities, such as the traditional Chinese rite of becoming an adult, the Lunar New Year fair, the cultural workshops and performances.

A purpose-built cultural classroom

Elegant Chinese lattice walls, antique wooden Chinese study tables and a marble Confucius statue.

The Chinese classroom at the new campus provides an immersive learning and cultural atmosphere for students to understand the history of Chinese civilization and traditional culture.

It is not only the architectural concept integrating Chinese and Western elements, but also the original intention of DHZH, building bridges to the world.