DHZH Diversity: Damian Siqueiros


Diversity is a series of events that brings world-class practitioners from the visual and performing artsto facilitate workshops and master classes at Dulwich International High Schools and Colleges. 

The first Diversity guest for this academic year was Damian Siqueiros, a Montreal based photographer. As a commercial photographer he helps clients find their visual voice and express themselves through compelling imagery that makes long lasting impressions. 

Amy L of 13W explained more about the day's learning with the reputable artist:

“We had a one-day photography workshop with Damian Siqueiros. In the morning, we enjoyed his presentation about his artworks dealing with diverse social issues, such as illegal immigration. 

Then we went through all the basic knowledge about cameras, such as how it works and the functions of its components. Next, he demonstrated the whole work process of shooting, including plan, make-up, settings and lighting.

We were divided into groups to discuss the theme of fast fashion and prepare for our own shoots. After the workshop, I had a personal interview with Damia Siqueiros about specific questions related to film-making. With detailed answers and experience from his film-making, he helped me a lot.”

The Diversity series of events are scheduled throughout the year and we look forward to more visits from world-class practitioners from the visual and performing arts world.