English at DHZH: The stepping stones to Live Worldwise

As one of the most widely used languages in the world, English is often used as a common language for trade and communications. Not only that, but it is also used in science, aviation, computing and tourism...the list is endless.

What does the English subject mean to students at Dulwich Zhuhai?


Students often say that studying English is about improving their vocabulary to be able to communicate in all their subjects of study, as well as to communicate when they go overseas to their chosen university. In part, this is true. However, there is so much more to English as a subject of study here at Dulwich Zhuhai.


After succeeding in the English admissions exam to our school, students follow a core programme that prepares them for the IGCSE English exams organised by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) – either in First Language English or English as a Second Language. Additionally, for students who require further support, we offer English Support classes in the first two years, which helps them to become better adjusted to international school life and be more confident in all subjects.  

From the first year of entry, students experience a rich and varied curriculum that enables them to develop their reading, writing, speaking, listening and research skills. Creative Writing Competition, the Reading Streak Challenge and the Murder Mystery are campaigns organised by the English Department to enrich the teaching and learning activities in a fun and engaging way.


Making full use of the purpose-built learning spaces and facilities at the campus, students will learn to collaborate in groups in their classrooms or in the multi-function room, to have mature discussions, debates, or speech presentation in the theatre, as well as recording themselves for an audio book project at the studio. This will further develop their skills in creativity and critical thinking, and at the same time increase their confidence and leadership skills, becoming better enquirers, communicators, and problem-solvers in every aspect of their lives.


Learning and developing in English enriches our students’ native identity by allowing them to acknowledge and find their place within a broader exploration of the world. They equip themselves with the tools to continuously develop 21st century skills and become global citizens while remaining true to their roots. This can, in fact, help their applications to stand out in the university pool, by demonstrating their adaptability while retaining their uniqueness.


At Dulwich Zhuhai, we are always looking at how to improve provision in a way that develops the student holistically for life abroad, for university, and even beyond.

Studying overseas will mean that students must have conversations in social settings where they might feel out of place if they are not contextually aware of their environment. The Psychology of Culture Shock (2001) states that, “For students (of English as a second language), school is a socially, culturally and linguistically complex setting which can affect students’ well-being and sense of identity.” This is one of the reasons why our curricula encourage and expect students to undertake lessons and projects in which they become familiar with global issues and develop their analytical and critical skills, while learning to accept and respect the backgrounds and perspectives of others. All of this will help to facilitate a smoother transition when they arrive in their chosen destination for university study.

Not all our English courses lead to an exam board certification. Here at DHZH, our aim is not just to ‘teach to the exam’. Our personalised courses give us the space to ensure that students can continue to develop without the time-limit pressure that often presents itself with external exams. Students therefore feel safe and confident to work at their own pace and take more time to enjoy learning.

Ms Ramlogan
Learning English can be challenging for students, progress is best made through active engagement in all classes and in how much you immerse yourself in English in your everyday life. In fact, we see that the students who make the most significant progress are the ones who regularly read in English, watch TV and movies in English, and make the effort to speak in English as much as possible in their daily social life.
- Ms Ramlogan, Head of English


Reading is encouraged across the school and English Literature at IGCSE and A-Level are offered as an option for students at Dulwich Zhuhai.

Studying English Literature brings one deeper into a world of inspiration and creativity, at the same time helping one to develop skills that are necessary to succeed in today’s global context. In Literature, writers try to make sense of their experiences and of the world they live in. Hence, readers can gain valuable knowledge of people, places and cultures from all over the world. In addition to gaining unlimited knowledge from reading, we develop many skills such as the ability to analyse, criticise, evaluate, and improve the way we express ourselves – all the while continuing to develop our basic English skills.

When students study Literature, they make better progress in English Language as well as other English-based subjects such as in the fields of Humanities and Business, as all subjects are collaborative.


As a child, Bill Gates enjoyed reading adventure, science fiction and fantasy. Elon Musk enjoyed science fiction and philosophy. Thai Lee spent her young adulthood reading business journals and self-improvement books. What are your favourite book genres?


Our English teaching staff have varied skillsets to meet many demands of our students – this includes training and teaching experience in foreign language, IELTS, English Literature, First Language English, debate, media, and drama. Our English teachers plan carefully, using a wide range of resources, with a significant proportion of these created solely by us; they are reviewed constantly to ensure that our teaching is directly personalised according to our students’ individual goals. 

Our teachers embody the ideal that Students Come First, laying the most solid foundations for students to successfully Graduate Worldwise and Live Worldwise.


Becoming proficient with a new language takes resilience and guts.

At Dulwich Zhuhai, we provide a supportive and immersive language environment where students feel comfortable to learn and reap maximum benefits on the 4-year bridge crossing to university studies and beyond.