The origin of the word Mathematics in Greek means tendencies to learn.

In Hebrew, Mathematics means to think. 

A solid foundation in Mathematics develops and hones the skills of recognising patterns, posing hypotheses, formulate new conjectures, analysing data, seeking evidence, establishing conclusions, while being open to new information.

The illiterates of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but, rather those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. Mathematics gives us the ability to think critically and creatively, innovate and adapt to change, to work independently and in a team. All of these and ability to be a reflective learner are prerequisites for life and for any field of endeavor.

A stimulating learning environment for students to achieve more

At Dulwich Zhuhai, 10 different study pathways for Maths are facilitated to support every student to reach their individual potential. We stretch and challenge the most able students, and at the same time give all the support to those who require it. Students will be exposed to a variety of teaching and learning strategies, including teacher-directed instructions, discovery and inquiry based learning and independent research.

By providing a well-managed environment and mutually respectful learning atmosphere where students are comfortable and trust is fostered, teachers can start building confidence and motivation and set high expectations.

Higher-order questions are also being made to promote analytical and evaluative thinking, affirm students’ self- perceptions as learners, and support students’ view of themselves as knowledge producers rather than knowledge consumers.  

Empathy, connections, and creativity are the vital ingredients in the Maths classrooms. Students are encouraged to be open-minded in their approach to Mathematics, clear in their presentation and reflective in their practice. We place emphasis on both heuristic techniques and transferable skills in order to get students to take responsibility for their own learning, to follow their initiative, and to realise that Mathematics is one of the best ways to make sense of the world. In addition, we emphasise that success is probable and that achievements are celebrated. 

With top-of-the-range facilities and an upgraded study environment at the new campus, more varied activities will be set up, including those that do not need to be confined in the classrooms. Teachers will facilitate class projects or inter-House competitions in the green outdoor spaces, as well as in the multi-function room, library or the SE21 suites. 

Excellent performance in global exams and competitions

Our belief in setting high standards and supporting the confidence of all students has led to great exam success.

In the 2020-21 academic year, all of Dulwich Zhuhai IGCSE students achieved A or A* in Mathematics and all of the A-Level Further Maths students achieved A*

Students also performed exceptionally well in international Maths competitions. In last academic year, 71 students have been awarded with certificates from the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Senior Maths Challenge and 11 students achieved the world’s top 20% ranking from the Canadian Caribou Contests. These are a testament of the dedication and hard work by both of our students and teachers.

More fun to enjoy in Mathematics in and out of Dulwich Zhuhai

Peer Mentor CCA

The Maths Peer Mentor CCA programme at Dulwich Zhuhai facilitates senior students in Y12 and Y13 to support students in younger grades in Mathematics. Peer mentors receive training and on-going support to ensure that they have the skills to mentor effectively. 

Student mentors will foster empathy, self-confidence and accountability, as well as develop key skills such as communications, resilience, assertiveness, problem-solving and leadership while being empowered to support each other and contribute positively to the school community.

Some great friendships are made along the way, and mentors are often perceived as counsellors, friends, confidantes and fantastic role models.

“I find the Maths peer Mentor programme CCA enjoyable because we could get to know the seniors better and learn new ways to solve Maths problem. I learnt how to use differentiation and algebra to solve questions with the help of my mentor. I really do recommend this CCA to anyone who is struggling with Maths or in general just want to get to know our schoolmates in different year groups.”

- Constance W from Y10


“It is my great honor to be invited as one of the mentors for this CCA. It is also a wonderful experience for me as this is my first time being a teacher. This is a good way to reflect on yourself as sometimes I can do lots of complex Maths, but I forget how to do the basic Maths. This CCA allowed me to think about those simple questions deeply in a different way. When you found that your mentee is consistently improving in Maths, it gave you a sense of fulfillment. I would definitely recommend this CCA to my friends in Further Maths class, because they are the best Maths students in Dulwich Zhuhai and they are passionate about helping others.”

- Leslie C, 2021 graduate

Maths House Competition 2020

All Year 10 students took part in the Cryptography murder mystery as their first round of House Competition for Maths. This challenge is based off the game Clue where students need to identify a murder suspect, location, and weapon. There are six options given for each category and every clue that a group deciphers will narrow that list down. Students need to teach themselves and each other the necessary skills and work as a team to decode the secret messages.

Sierpinski tetrahedron project

Sierpinski Triangle is a fascinating design in Mathematics. It is probably the most famous fractal shape, which is a geometric construction that is self-similar at different scales. Sierpinsky Triangle can be found everywhere around us, from La Tour Eiffel in Paris, Pyramids in Egypt, transmission towers, electrons and molecules arrangement in quantum scale, commercial antennas for cellphones and wifi systems, and even in music composition! 

For the Founder’s Day project in 2019, Dulwich Zhuhai students attempted to build the biggest Sierpinski 3D model in China! 


High School Team Maths Competition

Dulwich Zhuhai established itself as a school for academic excellence, when a team of eight top mathematicians successfully competed in the High School Maths Team Competition at Dulwich International High School Suzhou in 2019. DHZH teams were close runner ups in the whole competition of five rounds, with students achieving Top 3 highest results in different rounds.