We are committed to putting our students, their needs, and their wellbeing at the heart of every decision we make. To protect our ability to deliver the best Dulwich education we can, we have always taken care to abide by all the relevant laws and regulations.

Considering the changing regulatory environment, we have decided to proactively revert to using our license name together with the marketing name of the programme “珠海德威国际课程高中项目•珠海市华德教育培训有限公司”, and referring ourselves to “Dulwich Zhuhai” in short moving forward. Please note that our English name “Dulwich International High School Zhuhai”, will remain the same. By making this adjustment proactively, we hope to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and reduce any confusion or misunderstanding there may be in the market.

Please rest assured that neither we nor the education we provide will be changing in any fundamental way. We remain committed to delivering the holistic, international, student-centred Dulwich education that we are known for.