From Public Middle School to DHZH - Meet Pearl S

According to the China Ministry of Education, the number of students studying abroad in 2018 was 662,100, which was the highest in history. The “2019 Report of Student Studying Abroad” showed that most international students choose to study for undergraduate studies or above for the past 5 years. More and more international education resources these years also provide students with more opportunities to prepare for studying abroad.

Taking the National College Entrance Examination or applying overseas will lead to two different directions of further education, mindset and vision. For 2020 high school graduate student Pearl S and Winifred Z, they both had already experienced the difference between Chinese and international study when they first entered Dulwich International High School Zhuhai (DHZH) after graduating from public middle schools. They chose DHZH to get into their dream university abroad. After 4 years’ effort, they did succeed in receiving offers from prestigious UK universities including their first-choice universities.


Pearl S

“At DHZH, I’ve discovered my true self”


Middle School:  Zhuhai Jiuzhou Middle School

Future Destination: University College London - Psychology BSc (conditional offer)


What I’ve learned:

Make plan for the future

Prepare in advance and be responsible for yourself


Preparation Advice:

Improve English skills as much as possible

Be prepared to meet new challenges


Offer: Receiving 6 world’s renowned universities’ conditional offers, including her favourite university - University College London (UCL), was the best gift for Pearl this summer. Being one of the G5 universities and ranking Top 8 in QS Ranking, UCL and her well-known psychology major is Pearl’s first choice.

From being shy to becoming more confident, Pearl has discovered her true self through 4 years of her high school life at DHZH. Though she had excellent grades in National High School Entrance Examination, she did not choose public high schools, instead she turned her eyes to international high schools : “I am very passionate about extra-curricular activities. As public schools might limit my opportunities in taking part in all kinds of activities, I want to go to international high schools to truly improve myself.”

From selecting IGCSE subjects, Pearl realised the importance of making plans. At DHZH, students choose their study subjects for IGCSE and A-level and plan their own timetable. Pearl had also gone through passive study to active study like other schoolmates. She gradually learned to make study plan according to the study progress. Whenever she had questions in study, she would actively ask teachers in class or by email after school.

In the beginning, Pearl planned to choose economics or business as her major. However, she found out that she was more interested in psychology later. “I have a strong curiosity in different individuals’ personality, behaviour, reactions and ideas, and psychology can help me solve these questions.”

After knowing Pearl’s interest in psychology, DHZH’s teacher at Counselling Department gave her some suggestions on how to choose the university:  focus more on the major’s ranking instead of the school’s overall ranking. At the same time, Pearl’s Physics teacher also provided her some resources and essays on memory research, helping her gain more knowledge in psychology study.


In addition to her subject study, DHZH also provided Pearl with many opportunities for professional development. With the recommendation from Director Mr. Macdonald-Brown, Pearl took part in a psychology internship for a week, from which she had learned the different branches of psychology in China and gained a deeper understanding of educational psychology. Psychology has a close link to neuroscience, so Pearl joined the CCA-Neuroscience Club and participated in the Oxford Summer Program in Year 12, immersing herself in exploring related knowledge with students from all over the world.

 “Compare to my friends in public high schools, I found out that I have more thinking and planning to do such as subject selecting, CCA, taking part in competitions and developing my hobbies. I am enjoying myself and becoming more mature in this way.” Pearl said.


Pearl has achieved so many successes outside of class with persistence and hard-work, we wish Pearl a wonderful university life in her dream school!