From Public Middle School to DHZH - Meet Winifred Z

According to the China Ministry of Education, the number of students studying abroad in 2018 was 662,100, which was the highest in history. The “2019 Report of Student Studying Abroad” showed that most international students choose to study for undergraduate studies or above for the past 5 years. More and more international education resources these years also provide students with more opportunities to prepare for studying abroad.

Taking the National College Entrance Examination or applying overseas will lead to two different directions of further education, mindset and vision. For 2020 high school graduate student Pearl S and Winifred Z, they both had already experienced the difference between Chinese and international study when they first entered Dulwich International High School Zhuhai (DHZH) after graduating from public middle schools. They chose DHZH to get into their dream university abroad. After 4 years’ effort, they did succeed in receiving offers from prestigious UK universities including their first-choice universities.


Winifred Z

“It turns out I could also shine”

Middle School:  Zhuhai No.8 middle school

Future Destination: King’s College London - Business BSc, The University of Warwick-Business BSc (conditional offers)


What I’ve learned:

  • Become more confident and braver

  • Achieve many things that seem impossible at first


Preparation Advice:

  • English is very important

  • Find and develop your own interests


Winifred is an eye-catching girl with outgoing personality and gets along with classmates. As the Head Girl, she had taken part in various of school events and showed an outstanding leadership skill. She was also a great organizer for different community events, and she had travelled abroad many times for volunteer teaching too.

Putting great emphasis on English learning since childhood and with the support of her parents, Winifred naturally made the choice to study in international high school as most of her friends were planning to study abroad too. After comparing several international high schools, public high schools’ international departments and high schools abroad, Winifred finally chose DHZH: “This is Zhuhai’s top international high school with professional experiences. Comparing to go directly abroad, I prefer preparing myself at DHZH first.”

People around Winifred always think highly of her. However, she was not confident until coming to DHZH. “Maybe having too many outstanding friends since childhood makes me feel unsure of myself.” Winifred said.

The turning point was the time she ran for the Head Girl of DHZH. The Student Council of DHZH is a self-governing organization that takes part in organizing different school events, which requires great organization and leadership skills. Winnifred decided to run for the Head Girl to gain more experience and improve herself. Trying her best, she was appointed as the Head Girl at last.


“The call of the 90s” is a big community event held by school for many years, which is completely organized by the Student Council. After taking the position of Head Girl, Winifred immediately started the preparation for the event with her team. The intensive workload tested the team’s planning and leadership skill.

At that time, Winifred would reach out to sponsors through email or meet in person as soon as the classes were over. She had met with both rejection and approval from the sponsors. But at last she was able to raise 250,000 yuan for the event, setting the highest record since the school was founded.  Such an achievement had inspired everyone in the team, which also made Winifred feel proud.


Outside working for the Student Council, Winifred also took part in CCA. In Year 12, she went to Malaysia to be a volunteer teacher, and the experience made her want to devote herself in more community service.  Therefore, she established a community service club and cooperated with another student club from an international school in Shenzhen. Together they went to Thailand, Cambodia and other countries regularly as volunteer teachers.  “We helped children with their English and Chinese. The conditions of the schools we went were pretty tough, but we had made it through. And we felt worthy and lucky whenever we saw the smiling faces of the children.”


The end of high school made Winifred feel hard to say goodbye. At DHZH, she had met with challenges and made improvements. From being attached to home to boarding at the school; from leaving things until the last moment to making active plans on her own; from being indecisive and unconfident to finding the courage to stand on the stage, Winifred discovered that she could also shine so bright.

We are happy Winifred and hope that she can keep following her passion and excel in her university life.