DHZH Students V.S. Tennis Stars

During September and October 2023, the ATP Tennis Championships Zhuhai and the WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai have made up one end of an impressive season for the tour in China. Taking the opportunity of these two tournaments, Dulwich Zhuhai welcomed three of the world's top tennis stars, providing students with the chance to meet their heroes in person while on campus.

Kudermetova and Krejcikova Visit

Veronika Kudermetova, the 2023 WTA 500 Tokyo Champion, and Barbora Krychitova, the 2021 French Open Champion, visited the beautiful and Lingnan-inspired Dulwich Zhuhai campus. Year 10 students took part in a special meet-and-greet session. The two athletes graciously traded gifts with the school, giving personally autographed tennis ball. An eagerly awaited Q&A session and exhibition game came next.

Kudmetova and Krychitova with Ms Clare Hooper, Head of School, and Ms Sophie Zhu, Deputy Director

Students in Year 10, Lily VL, Anson L, Iris Z, Sohyi P, Nicole Y, and Eugenia L seized the opportunity to take on the role as journalists and raised questions to Kudmetova and Krychitova which the students found interesting.

“What do you think are the most important qualities to be a good tennis player?”
“What has been the most memorable experience of your career?”
“Did school life contribute in any way to your later career?”


The athletes complimented the students on their level of English! They also provided a thorough response that not only relates to their athletic careers but also serves as a source of inspiration for all students:

To succeed in something, you must first love it sincerely, and then pursue it diligently.

Learning and school life are important, you will learn how to follow discipline and rules, and learn how to "learn".

The Q&A session was followed by an "intense" game between Dulwich Zhuhai student representatives Shaw Y (Y11) and Krisztian I (Y10) against Kudermetova and Krychitova! Victory came second to friendship - the two students respectively teamed up with the player in Mixed Doubles. An exciting game had students and teachers cheering on the court!

Meet with Karen Khachanov

In September, during ATP Tennis Championships Zhuhai, Mike S (Y13), Nina S (Y12), and Golden J (Y13) also presented a game with men's singles top-seed Karen Kachanov for a four-player doubles game!

Golden J (Y13), who has been learning tennis since she was in primary school, shared after the special experience -

"I've watched Kachanov play. I was so excited and honoured while realising I would have a fun game with him. During our short conversation, he was patient and gave me great encouragement! I think this exemplifies the quality of a professional athlete who treats people with humility. That was the first time I had a photo with a famous tennis player so I would keep it forever!"

Dulwich Zhuhai is committed to be a bridge connecting students with the world. This opportunity for engaging with international professional athletes broadens students' perspectives, increases their understanding of the sports field, and allows them to experience the spirit in athletes. Let's look forward to the next opportunity to meet with the big names!