DHZH Virtual Campus Tour is LIVE!

We are excited to launch our Virtual Campus Tour to families in the Greater Bay Area, across China and around the world, providing a vivid experience of visiting Dulwich Zhuhai in a convenient format.

Regardless of location or time, to unveil the purpose-designed teaching and learning spaces and the campus life, all you need to do is to move your fingers.

Three major sectors


Students spend at least nine hours on campus on a daily basis, as a normal school day at Dulwich Zhuhai starts at 8am and finishes at 5:15pm. The 360° videos and photos in the Tour bring our authentic international environment to life on your devices. You can also tailor your tour route in the three categories by selecting the areas that you are most interested in.   


Two language options

The Tour offers a bilingual voice-over presentation in English and Chinese. While exploring the different areas and classrooms, you can also listen to the introduction of the design, learning about the balance of architectural aesthetics with the support to teaching and learning objectives in the healthy and positive campus environment we have built.


One-step solution

Choosing a best-fit school is never a one-step process.

We would like to welcome you to touch base with our Admissions team for individual consultation, learning more about the international holistic education Dulwich Zhuhai offers, thus to make the right decision.

Click HERE to start your Virtual Campus Tour right away, or visit the Admissions page for more information.