Welcome Back: Directors Message

Dear Dulwich International High School Zhuhai Students,

It is my pleasure to be able to welcome you back to school for the 2018-19 academic year. We hope you have had some time to rest, relax and reflect over the summer holiday;  and have come back to face the challenges and opportunities of the new year with energy, enthusiasm and commitment. 

In our ninth year of existence we look forward to building further on the excellent foundations laid over the past eight years. The reputation of Dulwich Zhuhai is built on the shoulders of our alumni, and is determined by you – our current students.  The exam results that you and your contemporaries achieve, and the impressive university destinations you continue to realise, demonstrate that part of this ‘reputation’ is built on excellence.

  • What will you do this year that will be ‘excellent’? 
  • What opportunities can we provide to ensure you have the best chance of being excellent? 

I will want you to think about this and share your thoughts.

As a community we place great value on how we can support you to develop and demonstrate empathy and respect, integrity, leadership and determination;  and to be able to go to university,thrive and excel there, and to be able to make a positive difference in the world.  

Importantly, we want our school to be a place where you are known, accepted, feel a part of and, happy and fulfilled to be at. We want our school to be a place where you are proud to attend. We want our school to be a place where your potential is fully developed, not just academically, but culturally, linguistically, and holistically, so that you not only make it into your university of best fit, but you succeed when you get there. We then want you to leave university and go on to have a positive impact on the world.

Our Co-curricular prgramme is part of our commitment to you; to provide you with a holistic education, opportunities for leadership and excellence, to nurture and develop your talents.  Of course, like so many things in life,  what you get out of your time in school is largely determined by what you put into it and you should make the best possible use of the opportunities on offer to develop your interests and skills both inside and outside the classroom. It is also becoming increasingly clear that if you are to access the world’s leading universities, a highly developed Co-curricular portfolio is essential.

Developing our students’ English language proficiency continues to be a key focus in our school. With all fully immersive English speaking environment you have significant opportunities to practice.  This is critical to your success in preparing for university life and central to your chances of thriving when there.  Please don’t just take my word for it; ask our alumni.  For every returning Dulwich Zhuhai student that I meet I ask the  same question: “What advice would you give our current students about being ready for university life?”.  The answer is always the same: “ Practice your English”. 

So, with the new year in mind, and with the aspirations and expectations that come with it, let me set you a challenge – set yourself a goal (and do it now), talk about it and share it with those you trust and those that will support you.  Let us see if we can achieve it with you over the next year.

Best wishes for a wonderful start to the year,

Andrew Macdonald-Brown