Diversity and Identity -The Second Chinese Traditional Culture Festival

On 27th March  Dulwich International High School Zhuhai held the Second Chinese Traditional Culture Festival. Many of our students devoted themselves to planning, organizing and presenting this fantastic cultural festival. 

Here is what our staff had to say about their experience of the day:

“The Traditional Culture Day was such a wonderful opportunity for me to experience and learn about the culture of China. It was lovely to see our students proudly speaking about their culture. The two presentations I attended, Chinese architecture and Chinese 70's music, were informative and the presenters keen to share their knowledge of their subject - even translating for me.

My first experience of painting with brush and ink has inspired me to try this again. I also want to try more calligraphy.  “

                                                                                     ——Iona Bonney


“ This is my first experience of having a Chinese Cultural Day here at Dthe school. I was amazed at just how good everyone looked all day in their traditional Chinese dress. I for one will be keeping the suit I bought, and may even wear it at my friend's wedding in the summer.

I was fortunate enough to be asked by Miss Liang to be a part of the Traditional Chinese Performance, as the Emperor! I was very honoured by this approach, and could not say no. Soon after Miss Hei measured me up and I acquired an appropriate outfit. When it arrived, I was quite dubious about how I was going to look in it.

In the school library all the parents and students were quite relaxed before their performances, doing make-up and chatting. I on the other hand was uncharacteristically quiet and nervous. I was pacing up and down, and the students had to tell me to stop, because I was making them nervous - how embarrassing!

The time came and we went on stage, and the ladies in our performance rightly took the spotlight and centre stage as they looked so wonderful, even if the students made a huge noise when I walked on. I did my best to try to keep a straight face, and somehow managed it... But I think that's it for me and theatrics... I'm signing off on a high because it'll never get better for me from here.

In the afternoon, I was the VIP in the Mahjong room, beside Mr Douglas' office. A few of our students, in particular Peter G, Jack K, and Sean S, were teaching people (including myself) how to play the famous Chinese game. I managed to win four games under their tutelage, and it was immense fun. I am very much looking forward to next year. “


                                                                                —— Austin Sweeney