Dr Cameron Pyke visits Dulwich Zhuhai

The Dulwich Zhuhai community was delighted to welcome Dr Cameron Pyke, Deputy Master (External) of Dulwich College, to visit our campus and meet with our Senior Leadership Team, representatives of Student Leaders, teachers and Friends of Dulwich.


It was the first time Dr Pyke visited our new campus in Hengqin. Head Student Daniel L (Y12) and Deputy Head Student Nina S (Y11) took him on a tour and shared their learning experience and campus life with Dulwich Zhuhai. Dr Pyke was elated by their academic achievements, as well as their success in various areas, such as art and sports. He also shared his own stories and the student’s life at Dulwich College, which he saw much affinity within both schools.


Dr Pyke used to pay annual visits to all Dulwich family of schools, engaged with students, staff and parents, to ensure learning quality and support the development of meaningful educational links between all students and teachers within the Group. As a person who has been close with Dulwich Zhuhai over the years, he was impressed by the scale and the design concept of the new campus which puts Students Come First at heart and implements sustainability in every corner. He felt excited that there are more opportunities for the students to excel in study, explore and develop their true potential, and thereafter Graduate Worldwise.


Before leaving Zhuhai, Dr Pyke recorded a video to share his greetings and best wishes to the Dulwich Zhuhai community. 

Dulwich Zhuhai has been in close contact with our founding school. An inspection conducted by Dulwich ollege takes place every year to ensure we are meeting high standards. Students of the two schools enjoy a variety of opportunities to engage with each other, including academic and co-curricular enrichment activities, such as the Dulwich Olympiad. Students who apply for the University of Oxford and Cambridge University can receive interview training and support from the university counsellors of Dulwich College in London too. 

A group of DHZH and DHSZ students will soon be on their University Trip to the UK in this June, during which they will visit Dulwich College in London, meeting with Dr Pyke and engaging with their students.


We are grateful for Dr Pyke’s kind words and his time with us, and looking forward to seeing him again soon!