Engineering the Future - A Better World

Engineering the Future:  A Better World 

When Dulwich International High School Zhuhai student Ethan S was growing up, he, like any other child in a big city, was fascinated by the magnificent skyscrapers and bridges around him. Watching documentaries about engineering marvels from around the world helped form his passion for Civil Engineering. “I was astonished," says Ethan, "when I learned about the ingenious engineering designs that lay behind those buildings.” 

Using the power of social networking, Ethan has channeled that early enthusiasm for Civil Engineering and follows the development of engineering in other fields. He has followed many major projects including the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, which came in handy when he was conducting research for an extended essay.

During the last application season Ethan took his passion, which has been nurtured here at DHZH, and applied to some of the best universities in the world. Dulwich International High School Zhuhai is proud that Ethan has received conditional offers from Manchester, Imperial and Nottingham in the UK and in the US, Illinois - Urbana Champaign, Northeastern, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech and University of California, Berkeley.

“My mother used to tell me that education enriches the opportunities that you come upon in your life. Now I realize what she means," says Ethan. " I'm glad that my effort over the past few years has paid off. Dulwich has not only provided me with the resources for me to make strides in academics, but also the environment in which I can pursue my own hobbies and develop myself to become well-rounded. Unlike the application to UK universities, US universities also emphasize your achievements out of class." 

Ethan is grateful to his family for all that they have done for him. “My family has always shown great support in my decisions, especially as I have grown older. They encourage me to pursue my interests.” This includes his aunt, who is a civil engineer in Shanghai, and often gives him updates about interesting things in her job. 

Gaining entry to the top universities is a goal for our students, and Ethan has thrived in the sciences. But he thinks other subjects have aided his application. “I believe studying Economics also benefited me, as it offered a brand-new perspective. I learned how to look at all sides of a problem, and to evaluate it thoroughly. Modern day engineering focuses on cost-saving and sustainable development, so Economics can contribute a lot.For the university, it could have made the difference between accepting me and another student who purely studied engineering.”

Ethan is fully on track to achieving his goals and becoming a Civil Engineer although he is still not sure where this will lead him. “It is a broad field, and I don't want to be too limited at this point, so I haven't decided which area I will focus on.” He is keeping a constant eye on the future and trends in Civil Engineering. “There's a growing need for future buildings to be more sustainable. I really hope that I can be involved in such innovative projects in my career.”