"We need to learn to love architectural structures that let us read the topography, the depths of field, to feel the wind and the changing sky."

Aimons les architecturesqui font lire la topographie, les profondeurs de champ, ressentir le vent, lesciels.
——Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel is Daniel's favorite architect. He believes that Nouvel masterfully integrates his works with their natural surroundings, urban settings, and the socio-culture of their locations, thereby capturing the rhythm of the city.

Daniel L (Y13)
Offers received so far:
University of San Francisco 
Southern California Institute of Architecture
Syracuse University 

Previous student positions:
Head Student of  2023
Head of Event Planning Department for the 2022-23 SY
Captain of Yung Wing House for 2022-23 SY

During this year's early application season, he received admission and scholarship offers from three US universities. His favourite is the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCIA), which is regarded as the forefront of architecture schools in the US. He has had a strong interest in art and design since childhood, frequently visiting various art museums to observe how colour and composition were used in masterworks. He now wants to be an architect. In the future, he desires to see his work towering over the cities.

Throughout his four years of high school, Daniel showcased his whimsical ideas on the stage of Dulwich Zhuhai.

His first year in the Student Council's Events Planning Department served as a stepping stone for him to take on leadership roles in various events later on. He implemented his various ideas and created a more dynamic event experience.

Work No.1: A Different Christmas Gala 

In the 2022-23 Christmas Concert, Daniel was in charge of planning. He came up with the idea of an extra-long red carpet on the staircase so that every student would look as if they were attending the Red Carpet Ceremony at the event.

He broke with the tradition of eating in the canteen at Christmas Gala. "I thought eating in the canteen was ordinary. So I moved the dinner to the gym. It was a bold idea. There were several discussions between the school's operations department and the teachers about moving the tables and chairs there. Because the gym is larger. It would be more festive to give the students the impression that they were in an auditorium for dinner.” Daniel also proposed instaliing a dance floor in the center of the gym so that students and teachers could socialise and dance while relaxing. The students were impressed by the festive event.