At the end of November, Dulwich Zhuhai Students won the first place in IGCSE Revision Challenge among the competing schools worldwide! 

The Year 11 EFL ( English as first Language) class took part in the Global IGCSE Revision, a competition through Education Perfect. Education Perfect is an online revision platform that we use in class to differentiate learning.

The competition ran for two days, from 29th to 30th November, and students were able to revise IGCSE skills, vocabulary, and tasks for English and other subjects. The students leaped at the challenge and worked solidly over the 48 hours that the competition was live.  


By the end of the competition, our students, despite being the second smallest school competition cohort, had managed to place second in the world for English and literature, and student Ernest L was placed as the top student in the competition. Marian H came second in the world. Ethan Y and Dorothy T received the gold award, and Ernest T and Liam P received the bronze. All of them were in top ten!

All 11 EFL students placed in the top 40 and answered 11,234 questions! The final result was Dulwich Zhuhai came first in the world!Congratulations to the students!