Flea Market - Contribute to the Community Now!

Contribute to The Community Now

For A Greener Tomorrow

Our students not only live in the community but actively contribute though our community service course. The community service course focuses on students learning the skills, and benefits, of giving back to the society.

Last year the course was successful in raising 1400 RMB in donations for a primary school in Maoming city. This year the Students are hoping to exceed that and have recruited the help of major organisations like, The Huafa Residents Committee, The Huafa Management Company and Dulwich International Schools Foundation as they work, in our community, for the CCSER Charity programme.

The CCSER (China Child Safety Emergency Response) is very much like the organisation that runs the Amber Alerts system in America. This is a vital organisation and our students are proud to be helping them.

Our Community Service students have designed posters and banners that will advertise a community collection drive. Very soon students, with the help of the above organisations, will be going to the community and asking for donations via their 14 collection boxes that will be distributed around the Huafa phases and neighbouring areas. Students will then classify the donations for a Flea Market. The collect boxes will be in the community from 3rd November until 1st December.

As the students are committed to CCSER, they are asking for donations like; toys, storybooks, new baby products (diapers, food feeders, bowls, etc.), new clothing (baby pinafore, clothes, sleep nest, etc.) and electronic product (Warmers, Sterilizers, dryers, etc.)

Finally our Community Service students will hold a Flea Market on busy Commercial Street on the 9th December, between 10.00am to 12.30, where they will use their entrepreneurial spirit to sell the donations and raise as much as they can for the CCSER Charity programme. We hope that you can support our students as they support our community.