The Humanities Department organised a field trip to the Zhuhai Meteorological Centre (ZMC) for 57 geography students from Year 10 and Year 11 on 21st September.

Weather and Climate are key components of the IGCSE Humanities curriculum. During their visit to the exhibition centre and the automated and digital weather instruments platform, students were shown how weather measurements were taken and recorded, as well as how different weather phenomena are formed, such as typhoons, storm surge, fog, clouds and heavy rainfall. A presentation was also arranged by one of the meteorologists, outlining the operation of the ZMC and the process of recording and analysing the weather data, as well as weather forecasting.


“I truly enjoyed going to the ZMC as I was able to see the complex instruments used in measuring climate. I also appreciated the lecture component where I learnt about the formation of storms and typhoons. I would highly recommend the trip to other classes in the future.”

—— Jessica L (Y11)

“We saw the weather instruments used for temperature, humidity, air pressure and the PM2.5 index measurement. It was a fruitful trip, where I learnt more about climate and weather.”

—— Peter D (Y10)

The other location that students visited was the field of weather instruments, which is sited on the mountain top platform called Anpingtai. There is a collection of weather instruments the students have studied from the textbooks, as well as many other instruments that they didn’t learn about previously.


“It is interesting to see how the weather data is recorded and being analysed with modern electronic instruments and the satellite systems, which extended my knowledge beyond the textbooks.”

—— Jessica L (Y11)

“We climbed up the hill to visit some weather instruments on a mountain top. It was a bit challenging in the hot weather, but it was a trip worthwhile. There were so many instruments, including the Stevenson Screen, and the 10-metre wind tower with an anemometer and wind vane on top.”

—— Ernest L (Y10)

Appreciation to the Zhuhai Meteorological Centre for supporting the visit and arranging the presentation for our students. We look forward to more cooperation in the future for our students and the Dulwich Zhuhai community.