The Asian High School Team Maths Competition (HSTM) was held in Suzhou on the 24th – 25th of February. One of the Dulwich Zhuhai teams put in outstanding team performance and finished in first place overall! This is the second time in 10 years that Dulwich Zhuhai has won the contest. Congratulations to all three DHZH teams and our young mathematicians!

hstm-group Dulwich Zhuhai team won the first place

The two-day competition is a truly unique event. Unlike other major Mathematics competitions which are solo exam-style contests, the HSTM competition is a team event, where students must exercise their teamwork and collaboration skills in addition to their individual maths and logic prowess. The event is an English-language contest.

The contest involved eight rounds, four were team rounds where students competed in their school team, while the other four rounds were called “Buddy Rounds”, where students had to work in small groups made up of students from different schools. This encouraged students to meet new people and work collaboratively with people they had never met before.

Daryle A
It was great to interact with students fromother schools to understand their perspectives on both mathematical and generalissues. I really look forward to more collaboration and engagement withstudents from different schools and communities in the future.
- Daryle A, Year 12
Zach L
Maths competitions usually focus on individual performance,but HSTM provided a great opportunity for collaboration. I enjoyed working withstudents from other schools and learning from their experiences. I’m alsograteful to the organiser to arrange the trip to an amusement park for us afterthe contest. It’s been so long since my last visit to an amusement park!
- Zach L, Year 12

Dulwich International High School Suzhou has been hosting the Asian contest for HSTM since 2015. It would normally invite teams from over 30 schools across Asia, including schools from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Japan. The 2023 competition was an exciting return since 2019, before the outbreak of COVID-19. A total of 26 teams from 11 schools across China took part in the event. Eleven of the teams were from the Dulwich Family of Schools, including Dulwich Zhuhai International High School, Dulwich International High School Suzhou, Dulwich College Shanghai (Pudong) and Dulwich College Shanghai (Puxi).


Nevertheless, the competition was stiff and it still attracted the best young mathematicians from high schools across Asia each year. We are very proud of all three teams’ performances, especially the team made up of Y11 students, Alina S, Claire Z, Nina S and Bonnie H. They are younger than most other students in the competition, yet also performed admirably, beating many other senior students and coming 19th.

2 The Dulwich Zhuhai teams

Everyone at the contest shared a common passion for mathematics. Our students all had a fabulous time, and could not wait to share the excitement about the challenges they faced and the new friends they met with their peer students here in the Dulwich Zhuhai community. Congratulations to all students again. We hope to continue our tradition of success next year at HSTM 2024.