Highlights of Founder’s Day 2023-24

Zhuhai's Founder's Day for the 2023-2024 school year was held on November 25 with the theme of 'Cultural Diversity'.  Students, teachers, parents, staff, alumni, and guests all came together to celebrate and savour the beauty of the world's cultural diversity through the five continents' themed food, decorations and joyful atmosphere.


Students and teachers presented a fantastic show featuring rock bands, musical, hip-hop dance, orchestra, and fashion show. Besides,  Yung Wing School students and the Zhuhai Youth Orchestra's cello group were invited to participate in the performance, which added wonderful moments to the celebration.


For the first time, an Alumni Talk session was held on Founder's Day. 2013 graduates, Mike Huang and Sarah Xu shared their experiences of transitions from high school to college and then into the workforce.