During the week of 5th December 2022, our Year 10 and Year 11 Computer Science students took part in the Hour of Code Challenge. Students completed a range of Python programming activities during their regular Computer Science lessons in the week, spending more time than the name of the activity implies. Their programs covered basic skills, such as, calculating the area of shapes and converting units of measurement, as well as very complex ones that required string manipulation, file handling and processing 2-D arrays to handle complex data sets.

Top performers of each Year Group received a certificate of excellence at the whole-school assembly. Congratulations!

1 Year 10 - Marian H, Ernest L,Terry L and Jerrold Y; Year 11 - Anson L, Joanne H and Ray H
Marian H
Despite being a competition, it was an interesting experience and good practice for writing codes. Completing almost 20 programs in such a short period was not an easy task, but it is not only the quantity that matters but also how we see the solution from such different perspectives.
- Marian H, Year 10
Ernest L
The Challenge was about creating the most programs in a certain period. It offered the opportunity for us to revise and consolidate different skills and methods that we have learnt in class. The competition has come to an end for this year, but I may continue with the topics I am interested in, for instance, how to determine the state of water through the temperature reading.
- Ernest L, Year 10

It was the first time Dulwich Zhuhai introduced the Challenge to the community, aiming to reinforce the programming concepts that students had learned in their IGCSE Computer Science studies. The Challenge was also a House Competition where students from Alleyn House and Shackelton House were neck and neck, and Alleyn came out on top eventually.

Joanne H
It was an interesting experience with the format and competitiveness, and good practice for revision on past topics we covered in lessons. It was also a fun House cooperation to take part in. I hope more events like this are organised in the future.
- Joanne H, Year 11
Anson L
The competition has not only improved my coding skills, but also provided me with opportunities to connect with other students who share the same passion for programming and Computer Science. Participating in this Challenge allowed me to demonstrate my abilities and push my limits. I am grateful for the inspiration for my future career decision.
- Anson L, Year 11

Studying Computer Science will help students develop computational thinking and problem-solving skills, acquire programming languages, and accumulate insights and understanding in the fields where automated and emerging technologies develop. It is the second year Dulwich Zhuhai offers Computer Science subject as an exam course, students will take part in the IGCSE and A-Level Computer Science exams this May. We wish them all the best in advance.