"This National Park is in the North of the UK, where Windermere, Coniston Water and Ullswater are found in. Which Park is it?"

"This is the first dynasty in the traditional Chinese historiography. According to tradition, this dynasty was established by the legendary Yu the Great, after Shun, the last of the Five Emperors, gave the throne to him. In the traditional historiography, this dynasty was later succeeded by the Shang dynasty. What is the name of the dynasty?​"

"He was an English inventor and a leading entrepreneur during the early Industrial Revolution. He is credited as the driving force behind the development of the spinning frame, known as the water frame after it was adapted to use water power; and he patented a rotary carding engine to convert raw cotton to 'cotton lap' prior to spinning. He was the first to develop factories housing both mechanised carding and spinning operations. Name this British Icon of Industry."


Organised by the Humanities Department, the University Challenge competition between the four Houses has announced the champion at the Finals last week. Congratulations to Alleyn House and the four contestants! A round of applause to all the participants from the four Houses for their great efforts too!

Founded in the 60’s, the University Challenge is a well-known TV quiz competition in the UK, where teams from universities all around the UK compete with each other in a knock-out competition on air. It was first introduced to Dulwich Zhuhai in this academic year by the Humanities Department, encouraging students from all Year Groups to extend their knowledge in Humanities and compete in the name of their Houses. On the other hand, the co-curricular activities in academic enrichment and expansion will be a valuable experience presented in their university application.


There were four students in each House team, which was a decision made by the House captains, forming up the best team with students from different Year Groups who they think gives the best chance of winning. Most of the contestants studied Geography, History or both.


The exciting competition was kicked off in December 2021, including two rounds of semi-finals. Each quiz had a 30-minute time limit, which required the students to understand the fast-expressed questions in English, think and answer them in correct English within a very short period of time. It is not only a challenge to their knowledge pool, but also to their proficiency in English language.


"I was really impressed with the students that stepped up and could answer tough question on stage, in front of an audience and under pressure. Most of the questions were tough but most were well answered. Next year we will have to make the questions even harder! I am very happy to see the rest of the community enjoying the competition as audience, and I hope it will attract more interests in studying history and geography.” said Mr Stephen Dampier, Head of Humanities at Dulwich Zhuhai and the organiser of the Challenge.