Congratulations to the six Dulwich Zhuhai students for receiving excellent results in the LAMDA Public Speaking exams. Furthermore, three of them who excelled in the Grade 8 exams can claim certain UCAS points, which will later help with their application to universities in the UK.  


Participating in the LAMDA CCA, Dulwich Zhuhai students learnt all the theories for how to be a good public speaker during their weekly activity. It was a challenging and intensive course, however, our students were fully committed and determined to do well in the exam. They have been preparing for it since last September. Learning different types of speeches and techniques to prepare and deliver their own speech had laid the foundation. To further succeed in the exam, they also needed to learn how to engage efficiently with the audience, leveraging the body language, controlling the voice and breath well and so on. Two prepared speeches and one impromptu speech were required for each individual student, as well as visual aids for their presentations.

Our students’ topics were particularly impressive with various focuses on different social topics, as well as personal experience in life. All represented the wide horizon and the in-depth research and thinking that grounds them for a global citizen.

During the process of preparing for and succeeding in a LAMDA exam also develop a love for literature and drama, expand their vocabulary, improve the efficiency in communications in English language and confidence in public speaking in a global standard.

LAMDA qualification is recognised by international examination boards and education organisations. University admissions and employers will often take LAMDA qualification on a resume as demonstration for excellent communication skills, teamwork, confidence and creativity. 


About LAMDA  

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) is the oldest drama schools in the United Kingdom. LAMDA offers world-renowned qualifications in communication and performance, and inspires the next generation of confident communicators through examinations in drama, literature and poetry.