On January 22 and 23, Y10 and Y11 students have the great opportunity to participate in the workshops hosted by Mark Grist, a multi-award-winning poet and rapper based in the UK. Along this journey, the students explored their creativity, gained more confidence, and improved their English language skills.

Poetry is a timeless art form that has the power to inspire, provoke, and share complex emotions and ideas. Poetry is also a great way for our students to craft with language, working on their reading, writing and oratory skills at the highest level.
Education in Motion (EiM) continues its partnership with Mark Grist this year with the launch of a new poetry project, 'Find Your Voice', covering the next three academic years. In the final year, the best poems created by students across the Dulwich family will be published in Mark Grist's book on the theme of 'Voices', where the poems will come to life through QR codes that link to video and audio files of their performances.

This was Mark's first visit to Dulwich Zhuhai, where he interacted with students face-to-face. Mark showed his humour and wisdom. He passionately shared how he draws inspiration from his life.

Ms Coleman
‘Having Mark Grist in school in the last few days has been great because our students are learning to express themselves in new ways. They're taking the skills they've learned in their English classes and applying them in creative expression in a way of showing their personal voice and how they think and feel about the world.’
- Ms Coleman, Head of English
Mark Grist
'It's been such a treat getting to visit Dulwich Zhuhai. Over the past couple of days, I have been working with students in Year 10 and Year 11 and we've been writing poetry that engages audiences using all the skills that they've developed in the English classes over the years. '
- Mark Grist, Poet
Liam P (Y11)
'Mark Grist's workshop was an excellent way to help explore the idea of poetry and also apply it. I enjoyed learning about the three major techniques he wanted us to use when writing poetry and what he found important. It was a lot of fun the way he showed us how he used poetry to convey meaning.'
- Liam P (Y11), Student
Kingston Z (Y10)
'At Dulwich Zhuhai, the school creates a lot of opportunities to generate a positive English learning environment by organising different activities, providing feedback and encouraging student creation. It really motivates us to further improve our linguistic skills. '
- Kingston Z (Y10), Student

With the immersive learning environment in Dulwich Zhuhai, students can smoothly adjust to the culture and linguistic environment of studying and living abroad. In addition to workshops, the school regularly organises English debates, speeches, reading challenges, creative writing competitions, and other activities to improve the students' English proficiency in all areas so that they can become confident and comfortable speakers of English in the future.