The Confederation of British Industry outlined the seven skills that define employability: self-management, teamwork, business and customer awareness, problem solving, communication, numeracy, and IT skills.

Music develops a wide range of skills which can be transferred to all areas of one’s life. It is one of the popular university subjects, as musicians are disciplined and determined, analytical and creative.

Music students are also genuinely interesting people who are versatile and confident to perform in public and engage with people. It’s no surprise then that music students are often found in positions of leadership at Dulwich Zhuhai.

DHZH’s outstanding academic results in Music

Music students from Dulwich Zhuhai have been receiving excellent results in the international exams. Throughout the past 11 years, two students have reached “Top in China” in IGCSE Music, one was ranked “Top 4 in the world” in A-Level. One of our most stunning records was the one-and-only unconditional offer issued on the spot by the Royal College of Music (2021 QS World University Rankings by Subject: No.2 in Performing Arts) to one Dulwich Zhuhai student in 2016. In the most recent exam series, outstanding grades and university offers in Music from Edinburgh University (2022 QS World University Rankings: No.16), Kings College London (2022 QS World University Rankings: No.35), Royal Holloway and Oberlin College, have been received by Dulwich Zhuhai students:

  • 84% students received A*-A grades in IGCSE Music
  • 80% students received A-B grades in A-Level Music

Even if students do not go on to study music at university, an A-Level qualification in Music is a highly valued addition to their application, as universities recognise these important skills and attributes that musicians possess. Students with outstanding A-Level grades in Music are also competitive when applying for subjects such as Economics and Mathematics.

Music lessons at Dulwich Zhuhai

At Dulwich Zhuhai, anyone can take up IGCSE music. It helps if you can play an instrument already, but you can also start an instrument for the first time.

IGCSE Music students are introduced to a broad variety of music, gaining an understanding of the historical periods and styles of music from different parts of the world. Students will be able to appreciate music by identifying, analysing and describing the music piece they carefully listen to.

They will also learn how to compose music in different styles. Composition is often an entirely new skill for them. Most of the students have not studied it in middle school and they might be apprehensive at the beginning. At Dulwich Zhuhai, students are introduced to free creative composition work and are given an opportunity to write music in a style of their choice. The Music Technology Room is dedicated to music composition, where students will not only develop their skills as composers but also learn how to use industry leading music production software such as Logic Pro. Through a step-by-step approach, they will become more confident in this area as they see their creations come to life.

A broad range of opportunities for young musicians

Dulwich Zhuhai has been broadening the range of opportunities for students who are interested in music and young musicians in and out of the campus. There are 10 practice rooms, one large ensemble room at the new campus, all of which can be used at any time during the school day by students for their individual or group practice. They can also be booked every evening after school. Once students have prepared their performances or finished their compositions, they can either record their work in our state-of-the art Recording Studio or perform it in at lunchtime concerts, annual House music competitions, Founders Day or Winter Concert.

Students also enjoy substantial options of co-curricular activities (CCA), such as school choir, orchestra, song writing club, rock band, as well as student-led dubbing and A Cappella groups, where they could further develop their interests and talents in music.

As a member of the Dulwich Family of Schools, Dulwich Zhuhai takes part in the annual music events run by Dulwich College International, where students from all Dulwich schools around the world come together to make music.


Dulwich Festival of Music

Edmund Shellard
We encourage all students to get involved in music in some way at Dulwich Zhuhai. School is such a short but amazing opportunity in your lives where you can pursue your interests, develop your talents and explore your creativity. It’s crucial you make the most of it!
- Edmund Shellard, Head of Music