The transition from middle school to high school brings new subjects, new knowledge, new environments, new ways of learning and new relationships. All of these pose challenges for new students. At Dulwich Zhuhai, however, they are full of expectations for the future and choose to embrace these changes, overcome the challenges of these 'new things', slowly learn to enjoy high school life, develop their own interests and take determined steps towards their dream school.

At the end of the first term, we interviewed a few new Dulwich Zhuhai students who are in Year 10 and Year 11 (Fast Track) this year. They shared the parts of themselves that have grown the most since they started high school and what they have learned as newcomers.

About Study Challenges

Sohyi P (Y10) :
In high school, the level of content and the amount of work becomes more difficult to understand. You need more self-discipline and more work from yourself and spend more time on it. It can be stressful and frustrating at some points. But I think the school helps us to get through it. When we learn more difficult skills and more complex content in courses, it gives us a very good feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. I think the school gives us the right amount of pressure as well as encouragement and support. It really helps me with my studies.

About the New Environment

Voki X (Y10) :
The study environment for me is quite comfortable and relaxed in this school. I can manage my study schedule by myself and learn how to communicate with my peers. In the classroom, the teachers are dedicated. They care about the psychological feelings of the students. They're always trying to provide a positive atmosphere to create a better learning environment for students.

English Lesson at DHZH

About Language Development

Eugenia L (Y10) :
Before I got into high school, my English wasn't that good. At Dulwich Zhuhai, they provide an English environment for us to improve our English oral skills, listening skills and lessons (that) we get to explore different things ourselves which makes the lessons more interesting and fun. Also, the teachers always encourage us to read different kinds of books such as magazines, autobiographies and even poems. They also help us understand the content of other subjects in simpler English, which encourages me to work harder!


About the Dream Major

Kingston Z (Y10) :
I was a dinosaur lover when I was a child. Now, natural science has become my dream major. That's why I chose biology, physics, and chemistry as my elective subjects. In the classes, the teachers use interesting teaching methods such as games and competition between different groups to let us remember and understand the knowledge. I also participated in Mr Gibson's CCA of natural science experiments. I learned a lot of experimental skills and that would be helpful for me in the future. I hope I can be successful in the field of natural science one day.

About School Activities

Josiah Y (Y10) :
In the school, I have joined many activities. For example, I was one of the hosts for Founder's Day. Just a few weeks ago, we went to Macau to take part in the GBA Youth Chinese debating competition. I think it's making me more confident to show myself in public. In the school's activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh, we can enjoy the beauty of nature. Of course, I made a lot of new friends. They are very kind and super positive. Overall, I think the school provides us with rich resources and opportunities to constantly challenge ourselves and improve ourselves.

About Personal Interest

James S (Y10) :
From the confusion at the beginning of the term to the current adjustment, I have experienced and felt a lot. I have made many friends here and broadened my perspective. Our school often provides students with opportunities to perform in shows and activities, which allows us to develop our strengths and has helped me to find my best skill, percussion. Also, there are many interesting CCAs to choose from (there's bound to be one you like)!

About Leadership

Zoe Y.T. H (Y11 Fast Track) :
As I became more and more involved in the life of the school, I felt that it was allowing us to develop and compete on a level playing field. I now realise what a blessing it is for all of us to be able to shine in what we are good at! Shortly after the start of term, I was named 'Mathematician of the Month' for my year. I am a passionate speaker and presenter and was honoured to host Founder's Day in November as well as take part in the TED Talks CCA. I also have been elected as Vice President of the Student Council, a Global Citizenship leader and a House leader, which has greatly enhanced my leadership skills and international vision. It's like a magical kaleidoscope, as long as you take the plunge.!