The annual United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) takes place in Egypt this year and will last for two weeks. Meanwhile, Dulwich Zhuhai’s annual No Carbon November campaign has started to roll out.

A Bingo Challenge is launched for this year’s campaign. A total of 28 Daily Carbon Reduction Activities were laid out in a 7x4 format on a small card, on which students and teachers could win House Point by collecting Climate Action stamps following the campaign rule.

img-0337 Daily Carbon Challenge

Weekly Carbon Quiz are conducted in morning tutor time this month as well. During the 20 minutes of time, students are encouraged to discuss and complete a quiz in their House groups, enhancing their knowledge and thinking about environment issues and sustainability.

img-0328 Weekly Carbon Quiz

Global warming is a challenge for all. As part of our holistic education, Dulwich Zhuhai develops the sense of connection to the planet and people in our teaching and learning activities, while developing the global citizenship competencies that support our students to Live Worldwise. Students and staff are all encouraged to actively participate in sustainable practices and make a positive contribution to the environment and communities in which we live.


Stay tune for our activities in No Carbon November.