Pi Day and House Maths Competition

Day, which is also designated by UNESCO as International Mathematics Day, and is celebrated in many schools around the world as an opportunity to experience the wonders of mathematics. The Maths Department at Dulwich Zhuhai held a fun Pi recitation competition on this day and an house maths competition on the 15th.

Pi Recitation contest

One student representative from each house went into battle to recite pi (π), the higher the number of decimal places they could correctly recite, the higher the score they would receive. It was a tough challenge and the four college representatives, Iris W (Y11, Alleyn House), Kingston Z (Y10, Shackleton House), Chonwai C (Y11, Soong House) and Maggie W (Y11, Wing House) . One by one, they took to the stage and recited under pressure, number by number.  The Alleyn Theatre burst into cheers and applause!

In the end it was a close race, with Iris W taking first place with 134 decimals, just six places ahead of Kingston Z in second.

weixin-image-20240514171007 Iris won the first place for Alleyn House

Maths House Competition

On Friday 15th March, all staff and students headed to the sports gym for a round-robin series of fun Maths challenges. This included a Pi Decoding challenge, a badminton maths, a giant Tarsia Maths dominoes puzzle and a Maths crossword activity. In the end, based on the scores collected from these activities, Alleyn House won the entire competition!
Apart from showcasing how Maths can be a fun and exciting subject enjoyed outside of the confines of the classroom, these events remind students of the House spirit of DHZH. Different students shine at different skills, and these events showcased some of our students’ talents and scored plenty of points for their House!