Everygreat advance in Science has been issued from a new audacity of Imagination.

—— John Dewey

science-fair-2022-designed-by-celine-hung-y1211 poster designed by Celine H, Y12

The annual Science Fair of Dulwich Zhuhai took place on 28th October, welcoming the whole community to witness the power of imagination our students have in science.


Organised by the Science Department, the DHZH Science Fair is an annual academic event that integrates almost every skill students have been taught in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Based on the selected five goals from the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations (UNSDG), science students from Y12 and Y13 have formed their House teams, incorporating their knowledge in Chemistry, Biology and Physics to work on the topics they chose and win House Points for their Houses.

1 The Alleyn team: Celine H, Alicia G, Eunoia Y, Emmalia W, Daryle A, Tony H, Jason G, Harmony D
2 The Shackleton team: Sampson X, David S, Tracy C, Bella D, Zoe L, Leo W, Danny C, Catherin D, Bill Z
3 The Soong team: Roman L, Ellen H, Harrison W, Michael H, Seth P, Kevin X, Julie Z
4 The Wing team: Mike S, Alan T, Jason X, Caelan W, Daniel L

It was an experience full of challenges for the students, as well as a journey of self-validating. Each team identified its own theme and argument, conducted experiments, online research, data analysis and evaluation, and finally reached their conclusion. Not only does it reflect the knowledge students have learnt, but also fosters a spirit of scientific inquiry. It also develops the skillset of problem-solving, public speaking, and teamwork.

Celine H
As mainly an Art and Humanities student, I didn’t get the opportunity to dabble in science very often. The topic this year was quite attractive as I feel strongly in support of protecting the environment. Although a bit of a challenge at first, it was satisfying to see the final key visual for the event and House display come together, and I'm glad I was able to contribute to the fair as a whole. It was a wonderful experience.
- Celine H, Year 12
Emmalia W
It was a really great experience for my high school life. Our team had a clear work allocation. We collaborated with each other closely and smartly, leveraging everyone’s expertise in different fields. It was also a good opportunity for us to present our own work to our schoolmates, teachers and parents. I feel more confident in public speaking and making my decision in studying science in the future.
- Emmalia W, Year 12
Alan T
It was my first time to take part in the Science Fair, where I had a chance to work with some brilliant science students to present our knowledge to other schoolmates. We made great efforts to present an attractive display board, adding interesting and creative graphic. We felt nervous at the beginning, but soon we became more confident in our presentation.
- Alan T, Year 12
Bella D
During the preparation for the Fair, I found that dividing up the scopes would result in high efficiency under time pressure. One of the important things I have learnt for presentation is to speak aloud. This is a technique in public speaking which makes yourself heard by the audience clearly, it also formulates a more convincing and impressive speech at some point.
- Bella D, Year 12

At the Fair, the holistic capabilities and skills of Dulwich Zhuhai students were also well presented. Well-designed display boards with artistic graphic, demo booths for onsite experience, artificial props and real-life objectives to support their speeches, all resulted in informative and engaging presentation for their audience.

l05a0652 Daryle presenting his research result

"It is encouraging to observe that the students are showing keen interests in solving real life world problems and researching on creative solutions.  They have certainly showcased that education is about teaching students to be able to evaluate, assess and create, and not just studying to ace in exams." —— mother of Y12 Daryle A

Junior students also learnt a lot from the Fair while appreciating the work from the seniors. 

"I was very excited about the Science Fair as the main topics were related to the SDG goals. I was also looking forward to what my House had to offer. All the booths were very impressive with fruitful information, and I enjoyed the presentations very much. "

——Ernest L, Y10

"I enjoyed it a lot, especially illustration they created for the boards. The Science Fair brought to me new perspectives in science. "

——Yoyo Y, Y10

"The Science Fair was very inspiring. I had learnt a lot from the presentations and obtained new understanding towards the SDG goals. "

—— Tony L, Y10

Science at Dulwich Zhuhai is not only a valuable learning experience for every student, but more importantly, an exciting process of discovery. Welcome to our Open Day on January 19, 2023, to experience the journey of holistic education in our Demo Classes. Click HERE to register.