Self-Challenger Becomes Master Learner

Although Harrison is still a high school student at Dulwich Zhuhai, he is already thinking more about his academic life at the university and future career plans. Harrison doesn't feel lost with the world’s top business school offers, but rather knows exactly where he wants to go.

Harrison W (Y13)

Offers received so far include:
University of Bristol
University of Warwick
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
University of Manchester

In the recent Career Talk, he shared: " If you do your research on university courses, you may find that the curriculum overlaps with the content of the A-level courses you've already taken. If so, you can choose a different course to bring yourself more challenges.”

Harrison always enjoys finding the answers on his own. He never loses sight of the goal and continues to improve. Harrison is now admired by many younger students, but this happy and sunny senior was a shy kid in junior high school. At Dulwich Zhuhai, he has become a sunnier and more mature teenager.

//   Become a Master Learner of Economics   //
During the interview, Harrison was passionate when sharing his own unique insights about economics. His connection with economics is half through his family and half through Dulwich Zhuhai.

Harrison's parents were keen to develop his awareness of financial management. His father taught him how assets can grow in value. When he was 10, he began to study the bank's financial management plan on his own and "entrusted" his mother to do it for him so that the Lucky money could grow.

Having studied at Dulwich Zhuhai, his teacher understood Harrison's interest in economics and proposed that he could take economics and maths as IGCSE subjects if he wanted to study economics as a major at university. The teacher also suggested that there could be some flexibility - that's why he also chose Biology and Physics to broaden his knowledge and explore more areas.

Dulwich Zhuhai also provided Harrison with further opportunities for development. A variety of co-curricular activities, challenging business competitions and an internship ...All of these have helped Harrison to grow and become a confident learner.

In 2023, Harrison and his schoolmate Henry from Y12 entered the S.-T. Yau High School Science Award - Category of Economic and Financial Modelling and won second prize. The report they wrote was in the field of econometrics, which is quite difficult for A-level students to study and research in a completely unknown field. Henry and Harrison spent half a year working on this project under the guidance of Dr Khan. 

Over the summer, Harrison learned how to analyze the research using STATA software, which helped them produce their findings.

Harrison's understanding and enjoyment of business subjects was deepened when he took part in a week-long work experience for the school's Y12 students. During his work experience at a securities company, he learned that the financial industry requires not only mathematical and learning skills, but also interpersonal skills.

Therefore, when it came to choosing which universities to apply to now, Harrison had a clear idea: "I would be more interested in Hong Kong, such as the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. This is because Hong Kong is one of the most financially developed places in China, and it also has a rich campus network and alumni resources. Secondly, there are a lot of job opportunities in the finance industry in Hong Kong, which will be helpful for my future internships when I'm at university."

//   Keep Being Curious Keep Exploring the World   //
During his four years at Dulwich Zhuhai, Harrison has not only improved his academic skills, but has also had more opportunities to explore his potential and hobbies. At the same time, his personality has become more outgoing.

Harrison says he has played badminton since he was a child, initially because his parents wanted him to lose some weight and become more healthy. But after taking part in various co-curricular activities, he realised that his interest in sports far exceeded his initial goal. The school's sports classes differ from the traditional school in that they focus more on getting students to enjoy sports and develop a sense of teamwork such as volleyball, badminton, basketball, football, and rugby. His badminton and volleyball skills were recognised by his PE teacher, who even encouraged him to join the volleyball team. 

The positive atmosphere created by the school and teachers has had a huge impact on him, and Harrison would like to particularly thank his teacher, Mr Gibson. When he was in secondary school, Harrison was always afraid to speak up for fear of making a mistake. But when he came to Dulwich Zhuhai, Mr. Gibson always encouraged the class to speak up and stressed that students should not laugh at each other's mistakes. Harrison began to enjoy sharing and actively discussing with his classmates.
Throughout his time at the school, Harrison learned to see the world from a broader perspective - a global mind. The school regularly organises workshops, lectures and fundraising activities for the underprivileged. This has helped him to become more aware of society and the world, and to realise that each individual can have a positive impact on the community.

Harrison continues to do well on his journey of following his dreams. Before entering university, he will continue to study hard to achieve better results in his A-levels. Harrison will go his own way and have a bright future, Harrison said confidently, "Dulwich Zhuhai has just celebrated its 10th anniversary, and for the next 10th anniversary I hope to be even better than I am now when I come back!”